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Re: [Ayreton] Basic Italian Renaissance Dress Workshop

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  • kateslists@comcast.net
    Oops, you re right. I apologize. One of our old event names was the beast march fourth on, of course, 3/4. That name s been sticking in my head even
    Message 1 of 9 , Feb 23, 2007
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      Oops, you're right.  I apologize.  One of our old event names was "the beast march fourth" on, of course, 3/4.  That name's been sticking in my head even though this is a different event..... This year it's Saturday March 3rd.
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      From: Jenna Klauss <lttlems1@...>

      The Stone Dog event Is the 3rd I thought.  Which event are you speaking of?  Aldyet picked a day that would work for her I was just putting it out to the lists that are in the area.  She is new to the area and wanted to offer her vast knowledge of garb to prepare for the Ayreton event. 

      kateslists@comcast. net wrote:
      Umm, did you really mean to schedule this opposite another event in Ayreton.  Grey Gargoyles is holding their/our event on March 4.
      (who's interested in the pattern)
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      From: "ldyaldyet" <aldyet@broomstich. com>
      But wait it says "Ayreton Fest: An Italian Carnivale" Garb Prep
      Learn how to make a Basic Italian Renaissance Dress that fits!

      Would you like to go to the Italian Carnivale Ayreton Event in style,
      but don't have an Italian dress? March 4th, there will be a Basic
      Italian Renaissance Dress Workshop. Yes!, I said basic! We will be
      constructing two types of basic simple Italian Dresses that will not
      only fit correctly, but will allow you to attend the Ayreton event in
      style. The long waist Italian Ren is perfect for all body types,
      while the high waisted type is suited for those more endowed in the
      chest. Both dresses can be made with or without fun Italian Sleeves.
      Unfortunately, due to the size of the location, there is an 8 person
      limit, so please RSVP. We also ask that you leave all small creatures
      at home (including dogs and children)

      Aldyet Le Chaundeleur & Keiley Duchem

      The Details
      What: Italian R en Female Sewing Day
      When: March 4th
      Where: Naperville, IL
      Limit: 8 people
      RSVP: By Feb 26th.
      Session 1: Long Waist Italian Ren Dress: 10 am � 5 pm
      Session 2: High Waist Italian Ren Dress: 10:30 am- 5 pm

      Full information, including more detailed yardage requirements will
      be sent out when you RSVP

      Session 1:
      +Long Waist Italian Renaissance Dress
      *Cost (with corset): $6
      *Cost (without corset): $15
      � 5 yards of fabric or 3.5 yards of two complimentary fabrics.
      Works best with Cotton, brocade, or velvet.
      � Matching thread
      � 1 Roll Duck Tape
      � An old shirt, which can be destroyed
      � Trim (optional)
      � Requires an under chemise (not included)

      Session 2:
      Short Waist Italian Renaissance Dress
      *Cost (Back lace): $6
      *Cost (Side Lace): $7
      � 2 yards of a "special" fabric & 4 yards of a plain
      coordinating or complimentary fabric. "Special" works best as velvet,
      brocade, or geometric print cotton . Plain fabric works best as solid
      cotton fabric.
      � Matching thread
      � 1 Roll Duck Tape
      � An old shirt, which can be destroyed
      � Trim (optional)
      � Requires an under chemise (not included)

      Additional Information:
      Please RSVP to Aldyet (aldyet@broomstich. com) for additional
      When you RSVP, you will receive driving directions, yardage
      requirements, and other information.
      If you have a sewing machine, please bring it with you.
      If you have a particular image/picture of an Italian dress that
      resembles either of these dresses we will try to the best of our
      abilities to tailor the dress to the image.
      We will be ordering sandwiches for lunch, so please bring additional

      + Garment looks best with a corset. Corset directions, patterns, and
      kits are available as well as custom made corsets available for
      additional charge. However a corset is not requi re d.
      * Cost includes grommets, metal stays (boning), and handout


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      with theYahoo! Search movie showtime shortcut.

    • David Roland
      Ayup... Would you believe it was a typo? Wouldja? ... Ian
      Message 2 of 9 , Feb 23, 2007
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        Ayup... Would you believe it was a typo?




        --- In Ayreton@yahoogroups.com, Jenna Klauss <lttlems1@...> wrote:
        > Correction, Ian. The Ayreton event is Saturday the 24th of March
        > Kisses
        > Keiley
        > David Roland <mystborne@...> wrote:
        > Greetings all.
        > Some confusion on this it seems though it mostly seems to have
        > worked itself out.
        > SATURDAY March 3, 2007
        > - Grey Gargoyles, Stone Dog Inn - Come help take it back from the
        > new management.
        > http://ayreton.org/stonedoginn/
        > SUNDAY March 4, 2007
        > - Itallian dress making workshop in preperation of the Ayreton
        > Carnivale and Midlands Regional A&S Faire.
        > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Ayreton/message/649
        > SATURDAY March 23, 2007
        > - First (hopefully annual) Ayreton Event - Ayreton Carnivale and
        > Midlands Regional A&S Faire. Come and see the splendor of Ayreton
        > and the Midlads Arts and Sciences.
        > http://ayreton.org/
        > I hope this timeline clears things up a bit for everyone.
        > I hope many of you attend Stone Dog Inn On March 3, 2007. If you
        > are interested in learning new partterns or improving skill you
        > already have, enjoy the dress making workshop.
        > And of course, I look forward to seeing you all at the Ayreton
        > Carnivale.
        > Ian the Green
        > Chatelain - Grey Gargoyles
        > Ayreton Towne Cryer
        > ---------------------------------
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