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  • AlexdeSet@aol.com
    Cross post please. ooks for sale! (Maggie of Cnoc Cait) will be at Carnival (Celtic Sun merchant)and be taking sealed bids. If you will not be there and ee
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 2011
      Cross post please.
      Books for sale!
      I (Maggie of Cnoc Cait) will be at Carnival (Celtic Sun" merchant)and be taking sealed bids. If you will not be there and 
      see something you would like to own, contact me at cnoccait@.... The owner is selling some of her books to raise some money.
      Author                           paid/ currently selling for on line
      Full-color Picture Sourcebook of Historic Ornament
      Auguste Racinet
      Queen Elizabeth I Paper dolls
      Dover Press
      Crewel Embroidery
      Erica Wilson
      Dress Accessories Medieval Finds
      Museum of London
      $70.00/ 119.00
      History of Costume Ancient Egypt to 12th Cen.
      Blacnhe Payne
      $55.00/ $40.00
      Beast & Animals in Decorative Woodcuts of the Renaissance
      Konrad Gesner
      Celtic & Early Medieval Designs from Brittan
      Eva Wilson
      Men & Women Dressing the Part
      Claudia Kidwell & Valerie Steel
      Historic Floral & Animal Designs for Embroideries
      Suzanne Chapman
      Pictorial Archive of Lace Design
      Belanger Grafton
      Victoria & Albert Museum's Textile Collection 1200-1750
      V & A Museum
      19.95 L/ $43.00-$60.00
      Treasury of historic Patterns & Designs
      The History of Decorative Arts Ren - Mannerism Europe
      $82.48 / $61.00 - $150.00
      Flemish Paintings form Bosch to Rubens
      $25.00 / $45.00 - $95.00
      The Old Masters
      Lorgues LaBouge
      Dressing in Ireland
      25L / $90.00
      Paintings of the Renaissance, Epochs & Styles
      Currier & Ives Printmakers of the American People
      Harry Peters
      The New Carolingian Medelbook, Counted embroidery before 1600
      $24.95 / $168.00
      The Elizabethan costume 1550 to 1580
      Winters & Savoy
      Handbook of Historic Ornament, Ancient to Biedermeier
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