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FW: [ShireofRavenslake] Lace Day on Artisan's Row at Pennsic

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      Subject: [ShireofRavenslake] Lace Day on Artisan's Row at Pennsic


      Greetings, lace makers! My name is Kyrstyan Makfall, and I will be your Lace
      Day coordinator for Pennsic 40. We are scheduled to have a full, fun day of lace
      making and display on Monday, August 8th in  A&S tent #5 . To
      that end, I would like to invite any and all lace makers to join in! The tent
      will be ours roughly 9-5, and you may come for as much or as little of that time
      as you would like. This would be a great time to get together with other lace
      makers, share ideas and questions, put faces to names, and otherwise just have
      an excuse to carve out some dedicated lace time in what is often an overly-busy
      Pennsic. If you just want to drop off some samples for display, but cannot
      commit time, that's fine too; just make sure you come back for your stuff!

      If possible, I would like to have some idea who might be coming and when, so I
      can gauge body count and lunch breaks if possible. Also, if you have an area of
      expertise or interest in teaching something specific, that would be good to know
      so that we can refer people who may have specific questions or interests to the
      best people to help. Please email me off-list at gypsy.vail (-at-) gmail.com
      (obviously, please reconfigure the address appropriately). If you have comments
      or suggestions, just drop me a line to that address as well.

      As an addendum, if you have already sent information to Mistress Arrienne of
      Ashford about the lace day this year, I ask that you *please resend* it to me if
      possible.  I am not in a position to get pre-existing  information from her

      Please pass this on to any and all lace related lists or friends that you
      know. Thanks for your time and attention!

      (Lady) Kyrstyan Makfall, Middle Kingdom fiber geek :D

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