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Fwd: [Northshield] Youth Activities at Border Skirmish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Subject: [Northshield] Youth Activities at Border Skirmish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      *Greetings ALL!!*
      *Here are the activities planned for the YOUTH at Border Skirmish. *
      *Border Skirmish~~ Youth Activities on Saturday, June 25th, 2011*
      *Capture the Queen 1pm to 3pm:*
      ~I am hosting the 3rd Annual Capture the Queen challenge at Border Skirmish
      this year. All children between ages 9-17 are welcomed to participate in
      this most fun game.  For those interested in participating who are under 9
      years of age, I will ask that a parent/guardian be present to ensure proper
      safety. The game will start at 1pm and will go until a winner or 3pm.
      *Children’s Feast: 5pm to 6pm (ish):*
      ~Lady Julianna deLeon has planned a menu for the youthful stomachs that
      should be pleasing to the palate. Mangled beef, formed pork and a root on a
      stick to name a few. As a matter of fact all will be served on a stick.  Adults
      are welcome to partake however I will be asking for a donation of food
      or/and drink to the festivities to ensure there is enough for all to get
      their fill.
      *Fruit through a straw eating contest (to follow Feast):*
      ~How much fruit can you devour using a straw?  This will be a timed contest
      to see how much fruit the youth can suck through a straw the fastest. **
      There will be prizes handed out for ALL.
      I am always looking for more hands on deck. So anyone who would like to help
      out please contact me at
      Yours In Service,
      Lady Nikea deLeon
      CAM Youth Officer
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