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  • ayretontownecryer
    Sure Ian, I appreciate the offer. We run a daycare from our house and on some days its just not possible to fit everyone into the conversion van to make it
    Message 1 of 1 , May 15, 2006
      "Sure Ian, I appreciate the offer. We run a daycare from our house
      and on some days its just not possible to fit everyone into the
      conversion van to make it to the hospital. We do have some
      volunteers already to help in transport, we may only require 1-2
      people a week to assist.

      FYI-We live in Woodridge, between I355 and Rte. 53 and I need to get
      to Edwards Hospital...usually around 1 pm until 3 pm or so.

      I'd also like to add that my wife is running a team for the Cancer
      Society's annual Relay for Life. She's taking donations from those
      that would like to eradicate cancer.

      We can be reached via email at aldred66@... or by phone at 630-


      "Hi all,

      Well, after an almost three week stay at the hospital, I'm finally

      For those of you that hadn't heard the details, I had an abscess form
      in my liver. Very serious and very possibly fatal. Nobody's sure
      what caused the abscess, but it showed up right after I had started
      my first bout with chemotherapy.

      The doctors installed two drains into the abscess to drain the
      fluid. I'll probably have at least one of them for the next few
      weeks, the other may be removed next week if it ceases to produce
      fluid. I'll need to be on serious antibiotics for about 8 weeks
      until the abscess pocket completely collapses. At one point they had
      actually made arrangements for me to go to a retirement home/extended
      care facility because the original antibiotics the doctors wanted me
      on needed to be injected via IV every six hours or so. That would
      have been 8 weeks away from Teri and the kids. Fortunately, another
      doctor, and more importantly, the one in charge of my case, decided
      that we could substitute two other antibiotics that only needed to be
      injected once a day rather than one which needed to be injected 4-5
      times a day.

      Thanks to everyone who provided food/help/encouragement to Teri
      during this rough time. She's been a real trooper; dealing with the
      daycare, housework, and our own kids as well as doing all the
      footwork to find me the now unnecessary retirement home. I'm
      definitely a very lucky man to have her by my side.

      If people are still willing and able to help we do need some
      assistance. The infection left me very weak, so my usefulness around
      the house will be diminished until I regain some of my strength. I
      need to be at Edward Hospital's (Naperville) Cancer Center every day
      from around noon to about 2:00 pm for antibiotics. Due to the heavy
      duty painkillers I'm on I'm unable to drive and we have too many kids
      in the daycare right now for them all to fit in the van, so
      transportation to and from the hospital and/or assistance on the
      daycare front would be much appreciated. Since she still needs to do
      most of the housework, any assistance when it comes to that or meals
      would also be appreciated. Our weekends are a little better, but I
      do need to be at the hospital, again between noon and 2 pm, for more
      antibiotics. If anyone is able to help transport or maybe make a
      playdate with our kids to keep them occupied, that would be nice.

      Thanks again to everyone that's helped with encouragement or other
      assistance. We truly appreciate it. If you're able to help in any
      of the above ways, please contact us by phone at 630-985-0610. I've
      got about 600 emails to wade through, so it might be a while before
      I'm caught up.

      Experiencing God's Love,

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