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Fw: Curia Meeting Minutes March 13, 2011

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  • Margrett Norwoode
    I am sending this again because I got an error message when I sent it. If you receive this message twice, I apologize. Margrett ... From: Margrett Norwoode
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      I am sending this again because I got an error message when I sent it. If you receive this message twice, I apologize.

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      Subject: Curia Meeting Minutes March 13, 2011

      Barony of Ayreton Curia Meeting, March 13, 2011
      Meeting Called to Order at 6:00pm, a quorum being present
      Baron's Report:
      Thanks to Jocelyn for the individual coats of arms banners made and presented to the Kingdom of Meridies at Gulf Wars to the King, Queen, Prince and Princess. Thanks to Hal for the banner stands for them.
      There is a definite Ayreton presence at Gulf Wars, with multiple attendees from the Barony traveling there.
      Re: Pennsic, Jane & Dougal will be land agents for the Barony. Site should be same as last year, near the battlefield.  Baron Henry has personally hired mercenaries to fight with the Barony. He is presently negotiating with the Horde for their mercenary services. He has already hired Meduseld, the Viking mercenaries, and Duke Kane's Shadow Legion of Glenn Abhann. The mercenary groups will wear their own tabards but the Barony will need to come up with some baronial favors or armbands to identify them as Ayreton allies. They will fight under the direct command of Ayreton, not Midlands. Ayreton and its allies will march in together on Monday morning and will meet by the rapier tent. We need to make sure to have more Ayreton fighters authorized by Pennsic as well.
      Seneschal's Report:
      The event bid for Glenbrook High School for Carnevale has been rescinded due to renovations taking place at the school. Other sites are being considered. Kara will be inquiring of Camp Big Timber as to availability. Camp Big Timber is a boy scout camp with standing buildings and a full kitchen, approx. 30 acres. It should cost approx. $500 and may have scout troops present at the site--we would need to allow them to visit our event but they would be based elsewhere on the site for their own camping & activities. The site will most likely be dry. The probable date for the Ayreton event will be July 9.
      Baronial elections will take place at the June curia meeting. Candidates should announce their interest in running live at the April meeting. Votes will be in person by voice or show of hands. Quarterly baronial meetings will be in garb with a baronial court. Site is still being determined for the April 10 Curia meeting. The June meeting will be a barbecue at Ghita's home in Bensenville.
      Exchequer's Report:
      The Barony is very solvent with sufficient funds for any need. There has been a request to host the RUM funds within the Ayreton account, though separate records will be kept for bookkeeping purposes of the two accounts. No objections were made to this proposal.
      Minister of Arts & Sciences Report:
      Regional A&S Faires are coming up in the near future. Chaos Caravan is requesting teachers for their event on May 20-22 in Valparaiso, IN (Contact Brynn at aramil.nocnailo@... or at 260-449-1040). Ayreton has been asked to make the garb for Pennsic Opening Ceremonies for their Highnesses who will be their Majesties by that time.
      Chronicler Report:
      Creative release forms are now needed for any contributions to the Ayreton newsletter. The release forms will be posted on the Yahoo group. Release forms MAY be needed for officer reports--the regional chronicler says yes; the forms FAQ on the kingdom page says no. The regional chronicler has been asked to verify that they are needed for officer reports before all the officers fill them out to no purpose. The next issue of the newsletter will be in mid-April. A request for submissions will go out in towards the end of March--the officers should start preparing their newsletter reports. The newsletter will be held for Fern's meetings proposal if needed --see new business below for more information.
      Knights Marshal Report:
      Missing reports from Tree-Girt-Sea and Vanished Wood. Baronial report has been sent in already. Will confer with Baron Henry on practices for Pennsic. Baron Henry is on the approved list/research team for experimental weapon program with plastic blades that resemble light sabers.
      Rapier Marshal Report:
      Would like to step down and will not be running for office. This office is not required for the Barony.
      Archery Marshal Report:
      Would also like to step down. Baron Henry says that Lucas, the Archery Champion, is interested in the position.
      Chateleine Report:
      There is a demo at the Gail Borden Public Library in Elgin on April 23. We will see numerous requests for demos this season due to the summer reading program theme being A Midsummer Knight's Read. Participating in as many demos as possible supports our educational status. We can also request to leave SCA flyers on library bulletin boards.
      Herald Report:
      Multiple heraldic submissions are in progress.
      Webminister Report:
      Kith will be taking over as acting Webminister. During the transition, continue sending all items to Sarafina until informed otherwise.
      New Business:
      Hal requested that the Barony approve reimbursement for the materials costs for the banners and banner stands. No one objected to this request. Hal will bring his receipts to the next meeting.
      Fern informed us that Par Tre would like to perform at the April meeting in a farewell performance before two of its three members move out of the Barony.
      Discussion initiated by Sarafina regarding whether it is necessary for the curia to meet in person every month. It was agreed to submit a proposal that the curia must meet at least quarterly before the populace meeting, with additional meetings as needed for baronial business. A suggestion was made to have the quarterly meetings be every time there is a fifth Sunday in a month, which occurs four times a year. Fern drafted the proposal (see below). It will appear in the April issue of the Zephyr and be announced at the April meeting with voting to take place at the June meeting.
      Sarafina will set up a yahoo group for baronial officers. Officers will have the right to post but the populace at large can subscribe to read the messages if they desire.
      Kara brought up a point of order that Baron Henry was not sharing his dessert!!
      Events of note: August 27 will be Foxhunt Goes to Japan. December 10 the Barony will cohost a Fighter Symposium with the Barony of Carraig Ban.
      The meeting was closed at 6:46pm.
      Meeting Proposal:
      Dear Aryeton members,

      At the recent Ayreton Curia meeting on March 13, 2011, the Curia members and the other populace members recognized that there was no pressing business for this meeting.

      The March Curia meeting was held because our Ayreton Baronial Charter is specific about having monthly meetings. However, all the attendees agreed that they would be happy to have fewer meetings.

      Considering that the Barony of Ayreton is running smoothly at this time,  and has accomplished the majority of our start-up goals, it was suggested that Curia meetings can be scheduled for a lesser frequency. There is always the option of having additional meetings whenever necessary.

      Therefore, I propose that we make an amendment to the Baronial charter as follows:
      1. The Baronial Curia shall meet at least quarterly.

      The current charter can be found at

      I have copied the current wording here:

      "A.    Baronial Curia Meetings
      1. The Baronial Curia shall meet at least monthly.  
      2. Baronial Curia meetings shall follow an agenda as established by the Baron and Baroness. 
      3. The Baron and/or Baroness, or a person designated by them, shall run meetings of the Baronial Curia.
      4. Baronial Curia meetings are open to all."

      In order to change the Charter, the proposed change must be published for comment at least once in the normal communication channels.  The commenting period must be open for at least 30 days, and any changes must be discussed at a Baronial Meeting before being approved by 2/3 majority of the citizens attending the Baronial Meeting at which decisions are made on changes and amendments.  Proxies will not be accepted for charter amendment decisions.

      Following these rules,  I propose that we change the word "monthly" to "quarterly" in the section about Baronial Curia meetings.

      Today's email announcement is one type of publication, and I shall submit this request to the Zephyr for the April publication. This change can be discussed at the April Baronial  meeting and it can be voted on at the June Baronial meeting.

      Feel free to make comments on this proposed change. Please note that I am not suggesting any other changes, just quarterly Curia meetings.

      Any further changes need to be proposed, published, discussed, and voted on separately.

      Thank you for your attention.

      In Service to the Barony,

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