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Notes on the A&S Day event 3/5/11

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      So the event is over, and I am glad to learn that many people enjoyed the day.

      I keep saying this, but it is fact. The event would not have been the success it was had it not been for the many people who came out and taught, demonstrated, and displayed. We were blessed with an embarrassment of riches at this event, having over 40 classes. Thank you to all of those that gave of their time to come and teach. The wealth and breadth of knowledge that was on display at this event was amazing!

      We also had many who came and displayed their craft with demos. It was wonderful to have so many who were willing to set up shop at our event for the day. It isn’t the easiest to do, and I thank all of you for taking part in the Artisans and Crafter’s Row.

      We had many entries into our Faire as well. For those that displayed their work, thank you for sharing the fruit of your labors with us! It was exciting to see the many different A&S projects that people have worked on. Congrats to the winner of the populous bean count - Phillipa Montegue for her well-researched scale model of a period tent. Marissa de Courette came in second place with a wonderfully tooled leather belt. Damien Nigthauk came in third with the table tops he did with period Mongolian designs on them. Many thanks to all who entered, and to all who voted!

      I must give kudos next to Calybrid ina Tere for displaying grace under pressure when we had hiccups (car eating potholes) in the event planning. We managed to put this on because she handled the sudden changes in out original site with calmness, as well then as the loss of site with quickness of action. It’s because of her that this event managed to happen.

      And to Maggie for handling troll. A good troll is part place to pay admission to the event, information station, and place to rest. Thank you for doing all with great success!

      For feeding us well, many thanks to Mihri! The food was excellent, well priced, and very popular. Thank you for embodying the spirit of Ravenslake events pats, and putting together a lunch at an event with no kitchen.

      There are many others who helped through out the day. To those who assisted at lunch, helped at troll, and just lent a hand when it was needed, I give you thanks and praise!

      And finally, many thanks to all those who came to the event! It was a joy to see so many people there! All the wonderful classes in the world wouldn’t have meant much if people didn’t come to the event. Thank you for braving the weather, and I hope that you enjoyed the day!


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