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My Sincere Thanks

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  • Vickie Rayhill
    While sitting by the fireside these snowy bitter cold evenings, I have reflected upon the amazing things that happened last month and the wonderful people who
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 11, 2011
      While sitting by the fireside these snowy bitter cold evenings, I have reflected upon the amazing things that happened last month and the wonderful people who helped make it happen.  Between presenting a bountiful feast at Tree Girt Sea's 12th Night, being put on vigil for the Laurel that night, and my elevation a week later at the Festival of Maidens, January 2011 will hold a special place in my heart. The Dream truly came alive for me.

      For 12th Night, I would like to thank the North Midlands Period Cooks group and friends, for being an Awesome Kitchen Crew, and for working so hard in the weeks and months beforehand testing recipes and precooking most of the food:
      THL Twim ap Twim, my Co-Head cook and kitchen magician,
      Lady Matilda Grace for her many talents, support, and encouragement,
      Mary Hodur for her enthusiastic help and cheerful conversation,
      Lady Ann of Walton Woods for taking care of everyone in the kitchen,
      Baroness Julienne la Follette, logistics expert,
      Ragnar the Grey for his ceaseless dishwashing,
      Lady Margrett Norwoode, bread stick baker,
      Lady Tacit of Darby, mustard maker,
      And Lord Dunstan Bramblette for helping cook before the event;

      Again to my Dear Husband Ragnar the Grey, who for months cleaned up after our pre-feast cooking adventures, who put up with an overstuffed fridge, and didn’t mind the bags and boxes of supplies all over the house. Thank you for your loving patience and enthusiasm.

      To Matilda Grace and Mary Hodur for sewing the feast token bags, and for the members of the Canton of Tree Girt Sea who stuffed the bags, and helped sew buttons on a pile of potholders.

      For those who stopped by the kitchen during the day to help:
      Herr Alexander von Markelingen, Caroline Richenda, and the tall fellow who stayed for many hours making Scotch eggs among other things (please remind me of your name!)

      To THL Hillary of Langforde, Head Server extraordinaire, and the fabulous, fantastic, flawless Foxvale Serving Crew,
      To Baroness (soon to be Mistress) Serena Kimbalwyke for providing the pine table decorations;

      To the crew of volunteers who worked so hard wash up, a big, bubbly Thank You:
      Lady Meliora Trelawney, Mistress Urracca, Master Philip the Pilgrim,
      Mistress Gianetta Andreini da Vicenza, Mistress Juliana Peri da Novellara, and the rest of the packers and cleaners in the kitchen who stayed until the last dish was done; then was packed up and organized by the superb Countess Fern and her crew of movers.

      Something special also happened at Twelfth Night to me. I was put on vigil for the Laurel right after feast was finished. It didn’t really occur to me why my first Laurel Mistress Magdalena von der Plesse had come to town all the way from Maryland--I was told she was here for a computer class. ;) My brain shut down at that point, and both Magdalena, and my current Laurel, Maestra Gwenhyvar Nocturnal each took my hand and led me forward after begging the boon.  The next day, it was decided to hold my Elevation one week later at Festival of Maidens in Wurm Wald.  Again an amazing outpouring of help was volunteered to make that wonderful day even more special.

      Of course, many heartfelt and loving thanks to Gwenhyvar and Magdalena for supporting, teaching, mentoring, and encouraging me all these years. I am proud and honored to have been their apprentice.

      For my Vigil and Elevation at the Festival of Maidens in the Shire of Wurm Wald:
      Many thanks to Maestra Gwenhyvar Nocturnal for furnishing and decorating the room,
      To my apprentice brother Lord Ian the Green for his impeccable care in the details,
      To Lady Roana Aldinoch and the Shire of Wurm Wald for providing me lovely and ample room on site, and the generous contribution of vigil food and drinks,
      Mistress Arrienne Ashford for organizing the things that needed to be done,
      Lady Birgitta Heringadotter for making Ragnar a doublet to wear for the ceremony,
      Lady Marissa de Courette, Maestra Gwenhyvar, and Mistress Arrienne for the final finishing, sewing and beading on my gown,
      Jen Murtoff and Maestra Gwenhyvar for making beaded tokens,
      Master Alexander de Seton for making pewter tokens,
      Mistress Isabel Moundoghter for providing the vigil book,
      Lady Verena Entenwirt for making a silken embroidered Laurel coif,
      THL Hillary of Langforde and Lord Gareth Ostwestly for their varied assistance,
      SS Minnaugh for the delicious cookies and biscotti,
      Lady Kara Altadottir and Hroki Hrodmundarson for the lovely food basket,
      Baroness Nadezda ze Zastrizl for the delectable gingerbread,
      And Lady Bridget Catherine O’Raighlleigh for her assistance in the vigil room.

      I am honored to have had Countess Fernanda de la Foret, Viscount Sir Galen the Smiling, and Master Thorvald Redhair speak on my behalf during the ceremony, my sincerest thanks to you all.
      And to THL Elaine Ladd for making the Cloak,
      my dear Husband Ragnar for the beautiful Laurel Medallion,
      and to Their Royal Majesties Ullr and AnnLyse, for bestowing this honor upon me, my humble thanks.

      To every good Gentle and Noble, both far and near, a heartfelt Thank You. You have made this winter one I will cherish forever.

      Dame Jocelyn of Lutterworth
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