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Reply to the open letter from the Thieves

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  • Maximilian von Fallingbostel
    Ahem... Don t make me come back there and give you what for. We are currently on Crusade in the Holy Lands (actually trying to accomplish something in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 19, 2011
      Ahem... Don't make me come back there and give you "what for." 
      We are currently on Crusade in the Holy Lands (actually trying to accomplish something in Afghanistan that even Alexander the Great couldn't do).  We thought We could trust that those Good and True vassals of the Middle Kingdom Crown would at least respect the person of Our Baroness Caroline.  It appears that once again the assembled Baronages, being the representatives of Their Majesties' Law and Rightful Rule, must teach these brigands that while their actions against the enemies of the MidRealm Crown are encouraged, they appear incapable of distinguishing who the feudal servants of their rightful Soveriegn are.
      We, Maximilian, Baron of Shattered Crystal by the Grace of Their Majesties Ullr and AnneLyse, call upon Our Good Cousins to detain any avowed member of this group of Thieves, to muster forces as befits the rescue of a fellow Baroness of the MidRealm, and to make every effort to seek out where these brigands have spirited away Our Baroness.
      We call upon the good natured Lords and Ladies of the Middle Kingdom who do not reside within the bounds of a Barony to look into your hearts and know the delicate nature of Our Good Baroness Caroline de Mercier.  For She is the epitome of kindness and gentle arts, who deserves not to be held as hostage by these ruffians.  Caroline's heart and sweet nature have enlightened the faces of children and adults throughout the lands of many Crowns.  Is this a Noble Lady who is to be forced to serve drinks to Thieves on their ship?  I call upon all those loyal and true servants of the Dragon Throne to join Shattered Crystal's call to arms.
      We will be returning from Crusade shortly and We expect to find Our Baroness returned safely to Our Lands of Shattered Crystal.  If Our Baroness is not there, or has been "insulted" in any way, We will muster Our rapier forces and those of Our Noble Cousins and march to meet the Thieves.
      In Service to the Crown of the Middle Kingdom,
      Maximilian von Fallingbostel,
      Baron of Shattered Crystal
      NOTE: In case anyone is confused, this is all schtick.  Everything is fine.  If you want to join in and have some fun, that's what this is about.  If you don't want to play along, that's fine too.
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