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Fwd: [Mid] Pennsic Suubmissions, part 1

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  • Jeffnaggie
    Forwarded from the Middle Bridge - thought I should as I recognized a few names. Hillary ... From: Calybrid Ine Tere To: sca-middle
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      Forwarded from the Middle Bridge - thought I should as I recognized a few names.

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      From: Calybrid Ine Tere <calybrid@...>
      To: sca-middle <sca-middle@...>
      Sent: Mon, Jan 3, 2011 11:35 am
      Subject: [Mid] Pennsic Suubmissions, part 1

      Notifications will be going out beginning this week for heraldic submissions made at pennsic.  There isnt a central list of contact info for those who submitted at pennsic, which means that the info will have to be pulled directly from the submission forms.  In order to speed things along, I'm posting a list below of all the notifications i need to make.  If you see your name on the list, it mean's I've got news for you.  Please contact me directly off list, at Calybrid@...  Those who don't contact me directly will still receive their notifications, but they will be delayed until the contact information can be obtained from the submission forms. 
      Calybrid Ine Tere
      Abu Shadi Da'ud ibn Zahir al-Bulurmi
      Acsádi Imre.
      Æðelhild æt Liðerlande
      Aethelwyn Castrel of Arran
      Alban Dameron Elexander
      Alexander of York
      Alexandra of Foxvale
      Alicia Hawken
      Amelinne la bouchiere
      Ana Linch de Yuebanc
      Annes of Bleobury
      Arina fraan Tränetorp
      Asviđr Avarsson
      Bianca Garbagnati
      Bubba of Winchester
      Cáelán macc Maíle Dúin
      Cáelfind the Tinker
      Catriona Fionnaghal nic Elphinstone
      Cebelia de Namaria
      Cecilia Cabrini
      Daniel of Shadowed Stars
      David ap Ieuan
      Deirdre ingen Maíl Muire
      Denis de Wahulle
      Dougale MacAlestyr of Newcastle
      Druscilla MacLeod
      Dub Essa Laigen ingen huí Nualláin
      Eadric the Smith
      Earnwulf Ælfgaressune
      Elizabetha Honth
      Ellois Mouse Bane
      Jadwiga Wlodzisławska
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