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Third Annual Ayreton Craftsperson and Performing Artist Faire

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    Third Annual Ayreton Craftsperson and Performing Artist Faire The Barony of Ayreton is sponsoring her Third Ayreton Craftsperson and Performing Artist Faire,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2010
      Third Annual Ayreton Craftsperson and Performing Artist Faire

      The Barony of Ayreton is sponsoring her Third Ayreton Craftsperson and Performing Artist Faire, hosted by Tree-Girt-Sea at Twelfth Night.

      The format will be a Laurel/Populace Prize Tourney. There will be no formal judging as this is not a competition. Artisans are invited to display their work for feedback and commentary. This Faire is open to all.

      Display will be on view from 10 am until 3:30 pm. Artisnas can begin setting up when site opens and must clear the hall by 4:00 pm.

      We hope to see many talented people exhibiting their works. You can exhibit a single item, a work in progress, or a body of work. Entrants are encouraged to be in the area to discuss their work but it is not required.

      Single Entries - This can be finished work or work in progress. No documentation is required but basic information as to time; place and a description should be provided. Additional documentation can be provided at the entrants' discretion.

      Body of Work - This is a display of a number of pieces produced over a number of years which shows the range and scope of the artisan. Please pre register so we may make sure that there is space for your works.

      Performance - We are currently working on the arrangements for performances. Those who cannot attend or would like to may submit a recording that can be played during the day (playing device will be required). Performance during the day will depend on space and time available.

      The Laurels of Ayreton will be giving special attention to those displaying and are looking for exceptional efforts to recognize with personal prizes. Other members of the Order of the Laurel as well as the populace at large are encouraged to bring largess for those displaying.

      Pre-Announced Recognitions:

      The Laurels are encouraged to grant recognition and give gifts during the faire. Some have chosen to pre-announce recognition they would like to give to artisans. Those chosen may receive words of fame or a token of esteem. This could be granted during the faire or possibly later in public depending on the Laurel and the artisan.

      Recognition: Outstanding Educational Display
      Host: Master Philip White
      Description: I am looking for someone who does an excellent job sharing his or her art through displays. Displays are a great tool for educating the populace and will often get people excited about learning a new art. Really engaging displays can be excellent teaching tools and I would like to encourage more of them. Please find ways to show your progression, historical learning, and thought process. Think science faire exhibit or museum exhibit and then go from there.

      Recognition: Outstanding Research
      Host: Master Philip White
      Description: It is really exciting when an artist becomes enthusiastic about the historical aspects of his or her art. It is especially interesting when the search for information uncovers something new or unusual and they find a way to incorporate that into their body of work. I am looking for someone with an entry that goes beyond simple documentation into an in depth understanding of many aspects of his or her work. This does not mean I am looking for a research paper, handouts, or description cards. This can also be demonstrated in conversation.

      Recognition: Outstanding Late Period Clothing
      Host: Mistress Sarafina Sinclair
      Description: One of my passions in the Society is to encourage more people to enjoy wearing late period clothing. I am looking to endorse an artisan who has created clothing from after 1400 AD. Preference will be shown for hand finished, well researched, fully accessorized garments. Displays can be for any class, country, or sex.

      Recognition: Excellence in period food or food research.
      Host: Mistress Gianetta Andreini da Vicenza
      Description: For a Craftspersons Fair, it is difficult to set up a dish or a meal to be eaten, and have it be appealing, edible, and safe to everyone over an extended period of time. But, share your research, documentation, how you have gone about reconstructing a dish, feast booklet, or anything you have worked on in the food-related arts. And if you can bring a dish to share, wonderful! I am looking for the work that best exemplifies thoughtful research and reconstruction - how did they eat, and what did they eat?

      Recognition: Excellence in the fiber arts.
      Host: Mistress Gianetta Andreini da Vicenza
      Description: Share your work in the period fiber arts. This could include fiber and fabric dyeing, felting, spinning, weaving, nalbinding, sprang, embroidery, or anything fiber related. I am looking for displays that educate the viewer as to what the art looked like and how it was done in period, as far as we know, as well as showing your recreation work.


      For questions and pre registration please contact the Ayreton A & S minister,
      Dame Nicholaa Halden, nhalden {at} comcast {.} net, 630-418-6672
      For Laurels planning to attend please contact:
      Master Philip White, philipwhite {at} hotmail {.} com, 817-313-7575


      If you know you are coming to Kingdom 12th Night – either as an artisan or as an attendee – pre-registration is now open: http://acceps.ansteorra.org/index.php

      Feast is limited, so, sign up fast!

      See everyone soon!
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