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Missive from the Middle Kingdom Waterbearer

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  • ayretontownecryer
    Greetings unto the Populace of the Midrealm from Mistress Nonna, coming to you wearing the hat of the Kingdom Waterbearer! (Yes, I know the Midrealm Webpage
    Message 1 of 1 , May 10, 2006
      Greetings unto the Populace of the Midrealm from Mistress Nonna,
      to you wearing the hat of the Kingdom Waterbearer! (Yes, I know the
      Midrealm Webpage doesn't have me listed as such but the Pale does!
      change in contact info)).

      As we move rapidly from the brisk days of Spring to the bright
      days of Summer, it is time again for me to remind all event goers to
      take precautions against dehydration, and other heat related
      Prevention is the best medicine, so maintain your health with your
      glasses of water a day, and keep imbibments the night prior to
      on the level. Sunscreen early. Sunscreen often.

      On to new buisness....

      The Middle Kingdom Waterbearers, as a guild, has dwindled to a
      few. Three in fact. This HAS to change. I'm not saying that our
      are not hydrated. But I do see a very big hole where a hearty group
      once. For all of those who have organized their own watering system
      either as households or barony, I thank you and hope you continue.
      To all
      of you who carry camel packs under your armor, HooBAH! However,
      is always an influx of new people. Those not totally acclimated to
      sport, nor it's grueling drain. It is for these that we must
      continue to
      be at the ready.

      If you attend Gulf Wars, you might have noticed the trend of other
      Kingdoms going from the gallon jug and straw delivery method to the
      pop top
      and squeeze bottle "no contact" delivery system. After discussing
      new system, along with the standard method with many, I think it
      be best to offer the choice of either on the feild. I can only
      encourage this choice, as there is no official standpoint from
      anyone regarding
      the rules and regulations of being a portable hose. Just what will
      the most number of people, drinking the most amount of liquids.

      To that end, I have three Goals. And I need your help to complete

      First.... I need regional points of contact and other people
      in wanting to waterbear. Regionals will operate as "goto folks" for
      their region when it comes to water support. As much as I would
      like, I
      can't be everywhere. If there is no house or group of people willing
      tote water, these people would be the stand-ins. There is very
      paperwork involved. There is some managing of supplies, namely,
      and storing the pop-top bottles and coolers. Your only other job is
      get me the names of the people doing the job, so that I can file
      reports to the Chirurgeonate, who we answer to, and to TRM so that
      people can be recognized for their service to the Fighting Dragon.
      CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, or if you just want your name on
      Rolls of the Guild as a contact for water support for upcoming

      Second.... we need supplies! Not much, but something that is OURS,
      so and so's or the Barony of such and such. Two coolers per region,
      10-20 pop-top bottles per region. Tubing and gallon jugs are
      and should be treated as such to prevent transmission of anything
      one event to the next. Any event budget should allow for $15.00
      worth of
      waterbearing supplies. I'm finagling the price of the pop top
      but they are available at very resonable prices, we could even have
      Midrealm logo placed on them? Based on prices and estimates, we need
      raise approximately $600 total to cover these supply costs.

      Third.... I need donations for an auction, and a place to hold the
      ask the
      donations be SCA relevant, period in style or nature. They can be
      finished items, they can be fabics, they can be unfinished wood,
      notes for personalized items. Anything. Any artisan wishing to
      donate a
      piece, I ask you list a minimum bid, as handcraft items should never
      sold or auctioned for BudK prices.

      I will be speaking with upcoming event stewards to determine the
      time and place for this auction. As Kenna is a big supporter of the
      Waterbearers, she suggested the Rose Tourney June 3rd. This might
      turn into
      several smaller auctions, as donations come in. I will be certain to
      post all up and coming auctions and items available prior to the

      Please join me in this endeavor. We cannot let such a very integral
      part of the SCA fall by the wayside, and expect our Armies to
      with vigor. I don't know about the rest of the Midrealm, but I was
      excited to see the Dragon Army victorious at Pennsic last year. As a
      non-combatant, this is my way to help those waging the war. There
      must be
      others who feel like I do.

      If anyone has concerns or questions regarding the water support of
      Midrealm, please feel free to contact me. Email is best.

      May the blessings of all the gods be on your fields and give you
      bountiful harvests. May they keep you and your pack animals out of
      harms way
      on your many paths.
      And may we meet in good spirits with good friends for good times.

      Kind regards,

      Mistress Nonna the Midwife, PF, OW, OL.
      Journeyman for the Chirurgeonate
      Middle Kingdom Waterbearer

      contact info:
      Anne Carenbauer
      211 Granvil Drive
      Louisville, KY 40218
      email: sutsong@...
      cell phone: (502) 939 - 2748
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