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RE: [Ayreton] Thanks from the Rum Ball

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  • Sonia
    Dunston, I had a great time dancing. I have not done that much dancing in awhile and I am paying for it today. It was my pleasure and thank you for your time
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 21, 2010

      Dunston, I had a great time dancing. I have not done that much dancing in awhile and I am paying for it today.  It was my pleasure and thank you for your time and patience in teaching everyone. I look forward to doing more dancing in the future.


      I enjoyed all the classes too. It was nice to see that others want to share their knowledge on topics that they have passions for.  I actually had a conversation with my history buff husband on the 4th crusade today…that never happened before.  I love my homemade lotion too!!!!!


      It was a pleasure to meet His/Her Majesty.


      I actually have the bug now to start sewing some new outfits for future events.


      Thanks to Sarafina for the use of her hotel and all the staff that put up with us.  




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      Greetings and Salutations!

      The Royal University of the Midrealm has always been one of my favorite events since
      I attended RUM at Ida Noyes Hall nearly 10 years ago.  So it surprises me when I can
      say that yesterday's event surpassed any RUM I have attended prior. This thanks to the
      incredible support I received from everyone at the event.

      I want to thank Their Royal Majesties Ullr and AnneLyse for attending RUM and making
      it a Knowne Worlde event.  Thanks to Master Phillip White for teaching Vercepe; an
      excellent performance dance for 5 that breaks all the rules!!  Thanks to Mina who is truly
      a princess and was able to teach Argeers and Bizzaria d'Amore off the top of her head,
      and under an hour. Lady Margaret Norwoode for her help in keeping things sane and safe
      during Ball.
      Thanks to Lady Juliane Bechaumpe for running the entire RUM and particularly for her
      patience from me while I was hearding the cats ;). Thanks to Baroness Nadezda ze Zestrizl
      for supplying your gifts. Thanks to Mistress Sarafina for providing me with a ride home and
      being patient even when burrito was not. Thanks to Lady Rebecca Cariadocsdottir for coming
      out to dance and providing music for dance (while she herself danced!)  Thanks to our dance
      group people who came out to dance (Sonia, this means you). Thanks to i Confusi for an
      awesome performance made not less than 16 hours ago at the time of this email, and creating
      an excellent pre-dance show.  Last but not least, thanks to Master Christian d'Hiver,
      Mistress Amelie D'Anjou, Lady Margeretha, and all others who provided us with live music for our ball!.

      To anyone I have not mentioned, and to all who were on the dance floor, thank you for making
      RUM Ball happen.  We feel pretty goofy when noone shows.

      Thanks Everyone,

      Lord Dunstan Bramblette
      Dance Coordinator Fall RUM 2010



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