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Thanks from the Feast Cooks

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  • Jen Small
    We d like to add to the wonderful thank yous that have already gone out. It was truly a joy to plan and create this year s All Souls feast. We are grateful to
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 7, 2010

      We'd like to add to the wonderful thank yous that have already gone out.

      It was truly a joy to plan and create this year's All Souls feast.  We are grateful to everyone who helped make it happen. 

      To the good people of Vanished Wood who enthusiastically welcomed us, and supported this feast and event theme.

      To Katherine for helping us with so many details.

      To Nicholaa and the servers for making the service of this feast easy and fun.

      To the gardeners of Ayreton, who provided squash blossoms, epazote, honey, and peppers for the feast.

      To our many wonderful taste testers, especially the Pippins for bravely tasting many recipe experiments.

      To Philip for sharing his wonderful images of period artwork for the feast booklet.

      To our cooks, both before the feast and during.  Many hands made light work!

      Jale, Nicholaa, Elias, Elisot, Katherine, and Gavin all made the delicious pork roasts.
      Margrett, Katherine, and Gavin helped at the marzipan party.
      Bojei volunteered and contributed fresh bread rolls for everyone.
      Fern and Ann folded approximately 1 million tamales.

      To everyone who helped in the kitchen day-of: Bojei gracefully took over as head cook while we stepped out for the concert for an hour.  Christian was a constant problem-solving presence, and also thanks to him the kitchen was sterile and sanitary.   Caterina was the plating goddess and chief guacamole-er.  Gabriel was a calming force and wonderful support.  Thanks to Katje, Cecil, and MANY MANY others who volunteered and did all sorts of tasks to make it happen.  Philip and Adam graciously cleaned up as we worked, and were ready and able to do whatever we needed in the moment. Elias was an unexpected gift of all-day kitchen support, and the wonderful cleanup crew washed, in addition to everything else, 80 coffee cups covered with sticky hot chocolate.     Thanks to all of your help, it was a fun and cheerful feast day.

      To our wonderful and supportive husbands, Ignatius and Christian, for taste testing, late night shopping runs, freezer tetris, sanity checks, dish washing, and home front tending.

      To everyone who ate the feast, for adventuring into the territory of the New World with us…

      Thank you!

      --Tacit and Gianetta

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