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MK Cooks’ Collegium - Thank You All!

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    MK Cooks Collegium - Thank You All! Greetings from Master Philip White, As the event steward the Middle Kingdom Cooks Collegium there are many people that I
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 27, 2010
      MK Cooks' Collegium - Thank You All!

      Greetings from Master Philip White,

      As the event steward the Middle Kingdom Cooks' Collegium there are many people that I would like to thank.

      The Collegium's staff and volunteers did everything they could to help make the event run as effortlessly as possible while providing an entertaining occasion for all of our guests.

      Please be patient with me for the length of this post. Please also forgive any oversights or incorrect spellings.

      Thank you to Their Excellencies Ayreton, Henry of Exeter and Nadezda ze Zastrizl, for their patronage of this event as it was hosted within Their lands.

      Acelina was our registration coordinator. She and her staffed helped about 100 attendees from at least four Kingdoms come through gate. Some of who were at their very first SCA function. Thanks to her and her team including Marissa who spent most of the day helping her.

      Nicholaa coordinated the potluck for our evening meal. Considering how many moving parts that job involved she did an excellent job. Thank you. And of course thanks to everyone who made a tasty dish to share with all of us. There were over 40 feet of food and another 8 feet of drinks.

      Our lunch and the coffee house were provided by Fox Vale under the direction of Kara. Thanks to her and her team with helping feed the caffeine cravings of our early birds and giving people an option on site for food without having to leave site. Her staff was great!

      Thanks of course to our many teachers. You are who made this event possible! Thank you Aasa, Alys Katharine, Ann, Berengaria, Bojei, Caitriona, Edouard, Elayne, Elizabeth, Eoghan, Felice, Gianetta, Gavin, Giles, Gwyneth, Hauviette, Helewyse, Iago, Johann, Kara, Kateryn, Katherine, Kiritsubo, Nicholaa, Raphael, Richard, Sarra, Suzanne, Tacit, and Verena. Just a few of them had real life intervene so that they could not make it the day of the event but we were glad to have them volunteer all the same. Special thanks to Guthar as our guest instructor and key note speaker.

      Thank you Alys for your help in proof reading the event promotional materials. (She is probably cringing now wishing I had had her proof this email too! lol)

      Thank you Sabine for your help on the floor plans. This really helped with our questions about accessibility and event paring.

      Many thanks to Elias for his excellent work as out webminister. He was very easy to communicate with and did a great job of understanding what materials I was asking be posted to our website. I believe a good part of our success was due to having more information up early and with easy access. Thank you for making that happen.

      Thank you Felice for all your work on compiling our teachers' biographical information. Your experience was a perfect fit for adding something special to the event.

      Thanks to Twm for organizing the walking tour Sunday after the event. It was a great way to help people extend their weekend and find something else to get out of their trip to Chicagoland.

      Thank you Katherine as the site liaison. You were able to answer so many questions that people normally don't have to deal with. Imagine a combination of animal slaughtering, laptop projections, elevator access, and digging holes in the ground. All of this and she is also the Canton's Seneschal. Her help we truly invaluable and I feel honored to have worked alongside her.

      Our crash space coordinator was Julienne. Thank you to all the people who were willing to open up their homes. We had many people who came to the Canton for the Collegium from all over the Known World. Your generosity
      made their trips more possible. Thank you for being such great hosts.

      Our event set up crew included Katherine, Elias, Elisot, Gunthar, Elizabeth, Nicholaa, Adam and others. The morning of the event went so much more smoothly because of this team of early birds

      We had to reset the main hall for our evening meal. Thank you to everyone who helped reset from day camps and merchants to place tables and chairs for our pot luck so that the transition went smoothly and quickly.

      Our site clean up crew was extensive. Many hands make light work. We were able to close out site even earlier than expected which was very much appreciated by all. Thank you!

      The Canton of Vanished Wood officers and populace played an important part in making this event even happen. They adopted the Collegium after a last minute scheduling conflict even though their annual event All Souls (please come to that too!) was scheduled just two weeks later. They are an amazing group and a pleasure to work with. I am not sure another set of people would have been able to pull it off with such ease.

      Now, I have most likely let one or two of you slip past my notice. Please do not think that I appreciate your service any less. It is my lack for missing you – or you are just exceptionally good at being modest. Hopefully I will catch you later, recognize your face, and be able to thank you in person.

      Many people made this event happen and I am thankful for the Canton, friends in Ayreton, and the rest of the
      Kingdom for making it such a wonderful time.

      Your Servant to Command,
      ~ philip white
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