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  • Kyla
    You re very welcome, Marie! I m sorry I was not available to help more, but CnC was up to it s ears in rehearsals and performances, including one - Here;
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 14, 2010
      You're very welcome, Marie!
      I'm sorry I was not available to help more, but CnC was up to it's ears in rehearsals and performances, including one - "Here; learn this music, now let's go sing it!" from Amalie, which Amalie, Giannetta, Teleri and I did - that was great!
      (Those were pretty much the only times I made it down to the list field during the day - to perform.)
      My thanks go to all the members of CnC, present or not, who have helped to make the group better.
      To Robyyan, the Baron's Noyse and Par Tre for the incredible work Robyyan put in to making the Ayreton Song work in such a short time, and working together with all of us: Without any rehearsal at all, we pulled it off beautifully!
      And to Giannetta and the Pippins, (2 of whom are also CnC,) who have been welcoming and supportive since we started CnC - I love merging our two groups - we sound awesome!
      On a sadder note, if I understood correctly about the cats, there was only one unclaimed barn cat - the grey cat, left by a previous camper, and pregnant - all the others were owned by people who live on site.
      That one cat and her incipient kittens will be left to fend for themselves this winter, unless someone wants to claim them, and take care of them.
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      Me? I was a slacker! All I did was enjoy. Unless you count introducing barn cats to laps as an event function. <g>
      Tabitha, on the other hand, was out there helping with shade flys and general traffic direction. Thank you, dear!
      "In wine there is wisdom. In beer there is freedom. In water there is bacteria."

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      Thanks, Caly! Personally, I'd add in thanks to Maggie, Kveldulf, Metylda, Marie, and Caly again for work in the Fighter's Consort's Comfort Tent!

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      Thank You from the bottom of my heart to all who helped out on the Fox Hunt / Investiture / Rose Tourney.
      A special thank you to the following people:
      Master Sean for filling in at the drop of the hat when I lost my marshal for Rose Tourney, because he had the bad form to become our Barron.
      Mistress Gwenavar for steping in as head server and all of the people who worked with her as servers and water barriers.
      Lord Xavier for being the archery Marshal and putting up and taking down the archery range.  Also for casting all of the event tokens.
      Lady Brighitta for being the merchant Liason.  Please send a thank you from me to all of the merchants that were there.
      Lady Kara for being the head cook for a great feast.
      The Ayreton Angels for being there for the fighters again.
      Mistress Sarafina for working on the Rose Tourney, Rose Tea, and Roality wrangling.
      Lady Verrena for the Fox Inn and all of her crew.
      The Theives of Hearts and their ship for adding to the festivities.  (Sorry Richard)
      Lady Kathy for heading up and runnig the Childrens Activities and her staff.
      Master Christian for being the Fencing Marshal for Rose Tourney.
      All of Foxvale for all of the help in planing the event.
      THL Kuji for rounding up the entertainment for feast.
      Master Alexander for being the Feast Harold, and for the use of your Protege' Caly.
      THL Phebe for being the List Mistress
      Lady Yamamura for helping at the list table.
      Lady Berngard called Moose for running Troll and all of her worker trolls.
      Sir Fern for being a link to the Roses.
      To Lord Richad who with out all the work that he did, the event would not of happened.
      A very very big thank you to my wife THL Hillary for being the class cordinator, feast helper, and the very big pain in the butt every time that I needed a good swift kick in it.:-P  I love ya.
      And to all of the people that I may have forgotten, as I am really bad with remembering names, THANK YOU for being you and for helping in all the ways that you did. 
      Lord Gareth Ostwestly

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