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Re: [Ayreton] Gifts to the Barony received at Investiture

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    Etienne, The Marshall Staff is in my posession as the acting Baronial Knights Marshal Lord Gareth Ostwestly ... From: spdesroches@att.net To:
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      The Marshall Staff is in my posession as the acting Baronial Knights Marshal
      Lord Gareth Ostwestly

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      Subject: Re: [Ayreton] Gifts to the Barony received at Investiture

      Thanks Ghita
      I'll make an inventory checklist for these items as Baronial property, in the care of the Baronial Quartermaster or Thier Excellencies.

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      Subject: [Ayreton] Gifts to the Barony received at Investiture
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      Date: Monday, September 13, 2010, 12:44 PM

      While Their Excellencies sat in state, these are the items that I'm recording as being Baronial property. There were other items received of more personal nature, or as largesse, that I did not record as Baronial property.
      Kingdom of Northshield: 2 goblets made of Agate from the Black Hills in Northshield
      Barony of Andelcrag: 2 complete sets of feast gear (2 plates and bowl [ceramic painted with Ayreton arms], goblet [blue glass], fork/spoon/knife [steel] in each set) and fabric bags to store all of it
      Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr: 2 glass goblets
      Barony of Carraig Ban: 1 wooden box lined with blue and green felt, 1 herald staff (received a while ago, but noted here)
      Barony of Cynnabar: 10 wooden war shield blanks, painted with the Ayreton arms, and a stencil to make more.
      Barony of Donnerhafen: 1 wooden chest with Ayreton arms on top and beverage cooler section inside, made by the Baron.
      Barony of Flaming Gryphon: 1 wooden chest with an arched top
      Barony of Illiton: 2 cloaks, made of gold fabric with Baronial arms on the back
      Barony of Northwoods: Silk pennant and pole
      Barony of Shattered Crystal: 1 fighting pennant (Baronial arms surrounded by gold Midlands serpent)
      Barony of Sternfeld: 2 spears with ash shafts and embossed leather covers
      Barony of White Waters: Glass box
      Shire of Ravenslake: $200 in golden dollars
      Company of the Occupied Otter: 1 double salt cellar (for feast kit)
      Master Thomas Pennyngton: 1 marshall staff with Ayreton arms headpiece
      I am told that there is a kneeling pillow being made but the embroidery wasn't finished yet so it will be arriving later. I know of no other planned gifts to the Barony.
      After all this, I think the only things we lack are a set of 'official' thrones, and maybe a set of fighting tabards to go with the shields. We are certainly well blessed by the generosity of our cousin Baronies and the nearby Kingdom, as well as the other groups that generously gave us gifts!
      Ghita, Exchequer

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