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Rose Tourney / Ayreton Investiture / Fox Hunt

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  • Bernal Schooley
    Greetings, This is a friendly reminder and planning guide for the upcoming Rose Tourney and Ayreton Investiture being hosted at Fox Hunt VI on September 10, 11
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2010

      This is a friendly reminder and planning guide for the upcoming Rose Tourney and Ayreton Investiture being hosted at Fox Hunt VI on September 10, 11 and 12 in Earlville, Illinois by the canton of Foxvale and the barony of Ayreton. Additional information is available at www.foxvale.org/foxhunt.


      Camping is a good idea because activities start early on Saturday with inspections at 9:00 and a one hour novice tourney at 9:30. We have a lot of confirmed Roses who will be looking to fill out their teams. So come showcase your skills at the tourney or in pickup fights because the teams have to be completed very early. The investiture of the Baron and Baroness will begin at 10:30 and will be followed immediately by the Rose processional at 11:00 and then the Rose Tourney at noon.

      Classes, Childrens activities, Archery and Shopping will take place all day!

      Bring your chairs for the afternoon court which will include the knighting of Captain Sabah al Radshid as well as the recognition of many other deserving individuals.

      The day will be celebrated with a fabulous feast followed by a night of partying, singing and dancing as we honor the new Baron and Baroness and congratulate Sabah. And always a crowd favorite, the Thieves of Hearts will be bringing their ship the Ridden Moon.


      Stonehouse Park is fairly remote, while we will have food services available on Saturday for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with the growth of the event we are currently expecting more people than will likely be accommodated by these services. Also, if you are coming out Friday night or staying for Sunday morning, please remember to bring food or be prepared to drive a bit to get to off-site food options. A list will be available at the gate. If you have an aversion to well water, please remember to bring drinking water. There is a small camp store with bottled pop, Gatorade, water and ice.


      Remember to bring bug spray. This is a park with woods surrounding us and the misquito population is in full force this year. Above ground fires or fires in provided fire circles is permitted. The camp store does sell small bundles of wood for $5.

      RV camping is an option for an additional $15 per night per RV.

      Showers are available! The site has a bath house with three showers per gender.

      Swimming is permitted in the small lake (large pond?).


      Dogs are permitted but must be kept on a leesh at all times and picked up after.

      Service Opportunities

      We need help to make the event a booming success, please consider giving an hour or two of your time. We have many different service opportunities still available, please email Lord Gareth Ostwestly (ostwestly@...) ahead of time or ask at the gate as you arrive. We will have a list with time slots for you to sign up. Thanks!

      In your service,
      Richard de Scolay
      seneschal of Ayreton
      co-autocrat for Fox Hunt VI

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