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Caer Anterth Youth Event

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  • Terry
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 18, 2010
      > OCTOBER 15TH THRU 17TH, 2010
      > Come and Be Welcome to Caer Anterth Mawr's Youth Event!
      > This event will be putting our youth in the position of what we adults
      > do and love to do in the SCA. They will compete for the Crown in a
      > Capture the Flag style game with a Viking Ship and a Castle as home
      > bases. They will hold Court and Feast. A Quest is being planned for
      > those who just want to come and play and not participate in the Crown
      > tourney. And there will be an after-Feast party for the Youth to
      > really get the full experience.
      > Feast:
      > It is part of the camping fee for all staying the weekend.
      > Should there
      > be seats left after pre-reg it will be made available to the day
      > campers with a cost of $8 per person.
      > Lunch:
      > There will be lunch available for a fee. This is a weekend event, and
      > because it is on a Boy Scouts campground, there are restrictions. So
      > please see those posted on the web site, or contact me with any
      > questions, comments, or concerns.
      > Nikea deLeon: Charvonne.kemp@... or Elspeth O'Leary:
      > lauxie3@...
      > For more information and forms, please visit our website:
      > http://caeranterth.northshield.org/Calendar/BoarsHead/2009/
      > Mandatory Pre-Registration for onsite camping: All pre-registration
      > fees and forms must be postmarked by September 8th.
      > As there is only a 150 spaces available for on-site camping please
      > pre-reg early! It will be done on a first come, first serve basis.
      > Pre-Registration :
      > Please see the website to get the necessary forms and information.
      > Or/And contact: Mistress Tatiana Marana Melville (Tonia
      > Heng)
      > tatianam@...
      > ***Site Fees:
      > The $5 NMS will apply to all non-member adults.
      > ~Weekend Camping In Castle or Viking Ship: (The space is divided by
      > boys' rooms, girls' room, adult male rooms and adult female rooms. PER
      > BSA rules opposite sex and adult/youth cannot stay in the same room).
      > $20 per adult
      > $15 per child over 4
      > Children 4 and under free.
      > ~Weekend Camping In Tent (Children in the can only stay in the tent of
      > their parents/guardian ONLY)
      > $18 per adult
      > $13 per kid over 4
      > Children 4 and under are free.
      > ~Day-Tripping: (All forms must be turned at time of checking in. Troll
      > closes at NOON on Saturday).
      > $12 per adult
      > $8 per kid over 4
      > Children 4 and under are free.
      > ~The site is handicap accessible.
      > See you in October!
      > Your Event Stewards-
      > Lady Nikea deLeon and THL Elspeth O'Leary
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