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      More info here-- as posted on Middlebridge this afternoon.


      Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2010 14:40:12 -0400

      Official Information update for Pennsic Children's Water Battle 

      Posted by: "Taranach McLeod" Taranach@... taranachmcleod
      Tue Jul 27, 2010 8:52 pm (PDT)

      Please feel free to forward this to other lists not on the original
      mailing as desired/ necessary!
      Greetings unto the Knowne Worlde from Lord Taranach McLeod of the Shadowclans,
      This Missive is to inform, detail and coordinate the efforts for the
      Pennsic Children's Water Battle.
      I am your humble servant and coordinator for the activity and can be
      found at the Shadowclans encampment located in N33 near the five
      points road by the west gate. (Look for the big gothic cathedral). I
      should be arriving by Saturday, August 7th.
      Monetary donations can be made via Paypal to pinkfluffydoom@ ...,
      funds should arrive preferably by Friday, July 30th if possible to
      expedite getting the order, although any donations coming in
      afterwards would be fine. Please include a note with your Scadian and
      mundane names and such so we know where it's coming from. We will be
      ordering the toys from this fund rather than taking toy donations as
      it really works best to have the same stuff in all three hundred bags.
      Please consider smaller toy donations for the Children's Fete.
      If anyone would like to donate their old (but functional) super
      soakers or other implements of watery destruction, this would also be
      helpful. We lose a fair number every year to the hordes of marauding
      children as well as the PA weather, some get broken and some just
      Candy donations should be limited to sets of 300 or more like items
      and can be delivered to Lady Ameris or myself at the Shadowclans
      encampment on N33 block. We're the ones with the big cathedral gate.
      If either of us are not there please attach a note with your
      name/group name and leave it with Frodak or Robert. PLEASE NO
      CHOCOLATE!! Lady Ameris can also be reached for any further questions
      regarding the "treasure" through her e-mail account,
      sca.ameris@... which she will be checking throughout the war.
      Volunteers are needed at a couple of times, anybody wishing to help
      stuff "treasure bags" the first week should contact Lady Ameris
      directly to find out details. We will need several volunteers early in
      the morning (Around 7am) on the morning of the battle to help
      transport equipment to the battlefield and to get the water filling
      process started. This will not take long and three or four people to
      monitor the filling will be needed from then until around 11am. We
      would ask that the rest of the volunteers start showing up at the fort
      by 11:00am (or the Shadowclans encampment just prior) and no later
      than 11:30 so that we can disseminate the safety information to the
      marshals and combatants as well as take care of any last minute setup
      before the battle. I will be present at the encampment in the early
      morning and between there and the castle from then until 11:00am when
      I will be at the castle til the end.
      Anyone wishing to Volunteer as part of the crew please send me an
      e-mail at Taranach@... with who you are, number of volunteers
      and their names, which group they are with and what role they wish to
      play, i.e. adult combatant, setup or cleanup, or Marshal (please bring
      a Marshal tabard and sports whistle!) I can also be reached at
      570-267-4940 beforehand and once I am onsite.
      We look forward to hosting a fantastic Water Battle this year thanks
      to your generous support and volunteering. Vivat to all who can help!
      Lord Taranach McLeod
      Æthelmearc Siege Brigadier
      Shadowclans East
      "Melior morior in nostrum pedis quam inservio in nostrum genua." 

      On Jul 28, 2010, at 10:46 AM, Mfswarthout@ aol.com wrote:

      I read something about a paypal account set up to receive money for treasures and such for the water battle.  Doesn't anyone know how I can access that?  Thanks Olivia :)

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