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Re: [Ayreton] Ayreton Angels

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  • Jennie Tyderek
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      I have an entire roll of leather lacing that I can donate to the cause.

      -Susanna the Short

      Quoting Jennifer Tyderek <jane_the_tall@ yahoo.com>:

      > Hello All!
      > As we are getting nearer to Pennsic we thought we would share the
      > list of items we need/want/wish for, one more time.
      > *  A gatorade cooler (the round kind)
      > *  One box of large Ziploc bags
      > *  Gatorade powder (any color but red or clear which are not allowed
      > on the field)
      > *  Silver duct tape (at least one roll)
      > *  Four rolls of red duct tape
      > *  Four yards of lacing (for armor repair)
      > *  Two large bottles of Advil (no liquid gels please)
      > *  Two large bags of pretzels
      > *  One large jar of pickles
      > *  Bootlaces
      > *  New or used
      Swiss Army knives or leatherman tools
      > *  VOLUNTEERS!! !
      > We are also happy to accept donations of money so we can purchase
      > those items that aren't donated.
      > We will be at the Sunday night Baronial meeting to collect any
      > donations.  In addition, once we know where the Barony of Ayreton
      > camp will be at Pennsic we will let everyone know that as well so
      > donations can be dropped off.
      > We will also have a volunteer sign up sheet at the meeting on Sunday.
      > Yours in Service,
      > Jane the Tall
      > Anne d'Aix

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