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    Ayreton...I don t remember if I saw this or not, so my apologies if you are double blasted. Hillary ... From: Pete Jensen To:
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      Ayreton...I don't remember if I saw this or not, so my apologies if you are double blasted.

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      Subject: [Mid] Greetings and Introduction

      Greetings to the Heralds of the Midrealm;
      By way of introduction, I’m known in these current Middle Ages as
      Maelcolm Mor, and I am the new Shield Herald.  This means that Daffyd
      Draco has charged me with the task of organizing formal consulting
      within the Middle Kingdom.
      In recent years, this has not been an especially strong tradition
      within the Midrealm; and it is my aim to steer this into a new course.
      In the two to three years that is the usual tenure for such a post I
      cannot reasonably expect things to magically reorganize itself; I can,
      however, set the foundation and begin on the framework for my
      successors.  In approaching this task, I can see that work and time
      will have to be invested in it.
      The first order of business, as I can see, will be in recruiting a
      Taurine Pursuivant, who will be my deputy, and who will be in charge
      of the main logistics of insuring there is a consult table, with the
      resources of the Middle Kingdom, at designated events.  As operations
      gain traction, responsibilities will increase as well.
      The immediate goal right now is to identify such events where such a
      formal, kingdom level prescense is both warranted and would be
      effective in terms of investment of effort; this includes the
      likelihood of a large turnout combined with the situation being
      conducive to consultations.  Crown Tournaments, Coronations, RUMs,
      Heraldic Symposiums are obvious.  Others less so, and other may seem
      obvious when in reality it is far more likely that it would result in
      a consulting herald cooling their heels for the entire event.
      This will also include finding heralds that are willing to be staff
      for such an endeavor, can attend, and whom would be qualified to do
      so.  Though it is a great service to offer if one is “chained to the
      consult table” for the duration of an event, I’m hoping it not be a
      pre-requisite.  Regional and local talent should pull shifts, and
      others should volunteer.  As well, less experienced heralds should be
      encouraged to participate in this for training and coaching.  One of
      these days us Aulde Pharts of the CoH will be retired to Ye Olde
      Heraldes Howme, and it will do our Crown and Kingdom little good if
      nobody is prepared to take the reins.
      This means that one of the chiefest functions of this office is to
      arrange the training and support of such heralds, the latter to
      include both tangible resources and resources of knowledge as the
      College may bring to bear.
      To this end, and in no particular order, I am setting certain things
      as long term goals.  As this is new ground in many ways, I am not
      becoming married, engaged, or even going steady with any of them; if
      there is a better way, I do not pretend to be all seeing.  “We have
      always done it this way” or “We have never done it that way” are – by
      themselves – insufficient as qualifiers or disqualifiers for any idea
      from brainstorming.
      1)	I want to see “Consultation Table Present” as part of event fliers,
      ads, and Shameless Plugs ™.
      2)	I would like to see self-administered testing become available for
      Heralds to measure their own knowledge and gain confidence.
      3)	I would like to establish, formally or informally (such as the
      black trumpets on a gold field for list heralds as sometimes get used)
      a badge that such heralds can wear as a favor or sash that will
      advertise “I do consults! Ask me!”
      4)	I would like to establish a registry of such heralds as have
      special knowledge (Such as Onomastics/Names) in certain fields of Book
      Heraldry as would be willing to respond to queries outside of events.
      5)	Even more – a “Virtual Consult Table” would be an ideal resource
      for heralds who wished to bring things to such heralds; I envision a
      Middle Kingdom version of St. Gabriel’s lite.
      6)	I would like to make many of the articles on names, databases on
      precedents, O and A front ends, and certain texts available in
      electronic form so that they may be easily transported, with a laptop,
      for use by heralds to run on consult tables, and reduce space and
      workload of the consulting heralds of the kingdom.
      7)	I’d like to establish an email list solely for tracking and
      staffing consulting tables at events, similar to the one Dame Alys
      Pale has done for Court Heraldry.
      I’m also wanting to reach out to the Regional Heralds.  I realize, as
      a Constellation Herald Emeritus, that regions lack the resources to
      institute a deputy for consults; but I’d like to know who in the
      region is doing such work (So they can be recognized, too!) as could
      be called upon, and to hear from them if they feel that an event might
      benefit from Kingdom aid in such matters.  We are all direct deputies
      to the Dragon Office, and those of us “on staff” should be
      communication to each other in furtherance of the ends of the Middle
      Kingdom College of Heralds.
      To those ends, I invite discussion and communication with myself for
      now, and myself and my deputy when named; for those heralds who have
      become semi-active or inactive to join us again; and remain in Service
      to Crown and Society
      Maelcolm Shield
      Known otherwise in these Current Middle Ages as Sergeant Maelcolm Mor
      From:  Pete Jensen <pete.jensen47201@...>
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