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Re: [thievesofhearts] All Souls Fundraiser & Thank You's

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  • Robert Eenigenburg
    THanks for putting this together! It was our pleasure to be a part. Aanker Baight and Sylvianna Simmone Minnaugh (Bob and Diane Eenigenburg)
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2006
      THanks for putting this together!  It was our pleasure to be a part.
      Aanker Baight and Sylvianna Simmone Minnaugh
      (Bob and Diane Eenigenburg)
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      Sent: Tuesday, November 28, 2006 3:44 PM
      Subject: [thievesofhearts] All Souls Fundraiser & Thank You's

      Good Day to All,
        First I apologize for my tardiness on sending this letter.  However, I am sending  warm rays of sunshine to warm your soul on this dreary day!  My heartfelt thanks go out to all of those that participated in the bake sale to benefit Lord Aldred's children at All Souls.  If you baked, my appreciation can not be put into words.  To my dear Keylyn, Lady Metylda, Marie la Fauconniere, Jen, Melissande Vaderbois, Elaine Henault de St Hyaun, Phaedra de Vere, Aanker & Sylvianna Simmone Minnaugh Baight (La Petite Sweet Bakery)  and I apologize for any ones name that I might have missed.  You were not forgotten.  Ladies and Lords these were the fine gentles that baked for this wonderful cause.  However I can not forget those of you that got to enjoy these fine goodies.  They were tremendously yummy!  Thank you to our Lady Mayor Acelina and Vladimir Auslander our wonderful autocrat and merchant'o'crat for helping me, making me comfortable and welcome.   To my dear Ian the Green for the use of your silver tongue and cryer skills to let all know of the fundraiser, I thank you.  Last but certainly not the least, my dearest love, Anton du Marais for helping me through out this fundraiser start to finish.  For giving me that fake smile and bearing with me through all the times that I looked for help and guidance.  Most importantly being my support.  I love you very much!  So for you all that are thinking, 'Keiley stop your thank yous and tell us how much we raised'.  With all of you and your kind donations whether they be baking, buying or donating funds we were able to raise just over $400 for the children.  I was blown away at the outcome!  I truly believe that we survive by those that help us along the path of life.  So this was my attempt to help one person at a time.  With all your help and gracious donations we ALL helped three children and their mother.   Thank you so very much.
      Cheers & Kisses
      Keiley Duchem

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