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  • yamamura_kitsune
    Arwen-sama ohayougozaimasu. First off, welcome back! Your interest in Japanese persona perked my ears. I always enjoy meeting other nihonjin. I don t know how
    Message 1 of 9 , Jun 24, 2010
      Arwen-sama ohayougozaimasu.

      First off, welcome back! Your interest in Japanese persona perked my ears. I always enjoy meeting other nihonjin. I don't know how your schedule is on Tuesdays, but we would love to see you out at the Foxvale A&S night in Aurora. I and many of the other members of house Tengusanji attend this night. You will be in good hands under the advisement of Yama Kaminari, but if you need help locally with any research please feel free to contact me. Ohenji omachi shite orimasu!

      Yamamura Kitsune
      Aruki Miko of the Known World
    • Arwen Areyzaga
      Thank you very much for the warm welcomes, D vorah, Wolfram, and Anna. :) Oh, and since I started this letter (before losing power), I also have Yamamura
      Message 2 of 9 , Jun 26, 2010
        Thank you very much for the warm welcomes, D'vorah, Wolfram, and Anna.  :)   Oh, and since I started this letter (before losing power), I also have Yamamura Kitsune to thank for welcoming me. 

        I had hoped to attend dance or archery practice last week, but the weather had other ideas for my social calendar.  We lost power for a few hours, and went through the excitement of tornado sirens, green and yellow skies, and local flooding.

        I'm hoping to attend this Sunday's fighting practice in Chicago with my oldest daughter (12), who is interested in boffer fighting.  Do non-combatants gather and socialize during the fighting?

        My only problem now is deciding between dance and archery.  I was hoping to contribute to the war effort this year, so archery might just be it.   

        I will write to you all individually from here-on-out.  I just wanted to acknowledge you all in this public forum. 

        Oh, and my heart goes out to the Lady Gwenllian Sion Crestin on the closing of her library.  I am a library paraprofessional (LTA) and am going for my MLS in the spring.  It breaks my heart to hear of cutbacks in the library world.  Our home library is now closed on Fridays, of all things.  M'lady, I am so sorry, for you and for your patrons.

        ~Lady Serena del Cavallo
        M.K.A. Arwen Domenico Areyzaga

        From: Wolfram von Waldersbach <Wolfram_von_Waldersbach@...>
        To: ayreton@yahoogroups.com
        Sent: Wed, June 23, 2010 9:23:44 AM
        Subject: RE: [Ayreton] Introduction


        Well met, Lady Serena,
        I am Wolfram, the current Archery Marshal for the Incipient Barony of Ayreton. While D'vorah has provided the link regarding Ayreton Arts martial practices, I thought I would further discuss archery in the greater Ayreton area.
        Yes, we hold Ayreton archery practices on Wednesday evenings (roughly 7:00-8:30) at the Archery Custom Shop, located at 7240 West Madison, in Forest Park, IL. (www.archerycustomsh op.com). Range rates are $8.00/hour (or $12.00/hour if you have to use their loaner gear), and standard targets are $0.50 a piece.
        However, if you are unable to attend the Ayreton practice, there are other places where you can shoot.
        If you work in Chicago, there is the Lincoln Park Archery Club (www.lincolnparkarch eryclub.org/), which has an outdoor range. You pay a yearly fee, but have unlimited use of their ranges.
        Another Chicago range is Archery Bow Range Chicago (www.archerybowrange chicago.com/), located at 1757 N. Kimball in Chicago. I've heard their loaner gear isn't that great. They're only open in the evenings, and their rates are a little higher than Archery Custom Shop ($10.00/hour and $5.00 to use the loaner gear).
        Finally a quick google search on ("archery range" wheaton), provided me information on the Blackwell Forest Preserve, (www.dupageforest. com/Conservation /ForestPreserves /Blackwell. html). They have an archery range, but it is currently closed while the preserve is undergoing some construction. However, the website does suggest going to the St. James Farm Forest Preserve (www.dupageforest. com/Recreation/ ActivitiesAndFac ilities/Archery. html) for archery.
        The nice thing about archery in the SCA is that you can still practice it the same even if you're unable to attend the scheduled practices. As long as you're out there shooting, that's great. If you can attend a practice, that's great too.

        In Service,

        -Förster Wolfram von Waldersbach, C.G.C.
        "Voca me cum benedictis" 
        Archery Marshal of the Incipient Barony of Ayreton & of the Shire of the Grey Gargoyles
        Group Knight's Marshal of the Shire of the Grey Gargoyles
        Bursar - Royal University of the Midrealm
        2008 Midlands Regional Archery Champion

        "Es gibt zwei Sachen das sollte man besser nicht wissen wie es gemacht wird- Wurst und Politik"- Otto von Bismarck


        To: Ayreton@yahoogroups .com
        From: arwen_areyzaga@ yahoo.com
        Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2010 23:33:04 +0000
        Subject: [Ayreton] Introduction

        Greetings good gentles of Ayreton!

        My mundane name is Arwen Domenico Areyzaga. I grew up in the S.C.A. and after a long absence have decided to rejoin. I originally hail from Upstate New York, and have lived in Illinois since 1993 (currently in Wheaton). My group back home was the Canton of Coppertree in the Barony of Delftwood. This used to be in the Kingdom of the East, but is now part of Aethelmearc. My persona used to be Italian Renaissance, and I'm still known to old friends as Lady Serena del Cavallo. However, I've long wanted a Japanese persona and am researching names, eras, and garb for the future.

        I would love to know when all your meetings are held, and about any upcoming local events. I'm particularly interested in dance and archery. I also have three children, ages 12, 8, and 3, and would like to hear about activities for younger folk.

        Finally, I am attending Pennsic this year (my first was Pennsic X, and I understand just a *few* things have changed since then ;)). I'm traveling solo this year, and wondered if anyone wanted to share the ride. I'll be camping with old friends in Yama Kaminari, but the ride out would be nicer spent in good company. Of course I want to meet folks first and get to know them, but it doesn't hurt to put that out now for advance planning.

        I look forward to meeting people in the local groups, and to making new friends. Oh, and Arwen *is* my birth name; that's what you get for being a 2nd generation Scadian, (and a flower child).


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      • Fern
        Dear Ayreton, Just in case anyone is worried about the weather for today s fighting practice, we have the indoor site (the Cloister Club) reserved! I will be
        Message 3 of 9 , Jun 27, 2010
          Dear Ayreton,

          Just in case anyone is worried about the weather for today's fighting practice, we have the indoor site (the Cloister Club) reserved!

          I will be there at 2 pm today, rain or shine. I've been doing my armor repairs this week, and I am almost finished. I'm ready to test out my repairs, brush up on my Pennsic melee rules, and generally have a good time.

          This looks like a good weekend for new fighters, and new people in general, to come to practice at Grey Gargoyles. There is loaner armor available there, many spaces for hanging out, and a good opportunity for Pennsic training and education. I will be happy to teach melee tactics, and to work with people who need specialty training for siege weapons or combat archery authorizations, or scouting training.

          See you this afternoon!

          Sir Fern

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