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FW: Security at Border Skirmish

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  • gestion@tds.net
    Hi, The link that I included for sending an email does not work. I was planning on sending a second request closer to the date of the event that mentioned that
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      The link that I included for sending an email does not work.
      I was planning on sending a second request closer to the date of the event that mentioned that the link I sent was not good.
      However, since you asked, I will send it now. :-)
      Therefore, if you believe that you have volunteered for security at Border Skirmish but do not see your name on this schedule  -  http://caeranterth.org/Calendar/BorderSkirmish/2010/security.php or if you wish to volunteer now
      Please send me an email: dycon at tds dot net
      You must include the time slot(s) you are willing to fill.
      I will then pass those on to the web host.
      I will also reply so that you know you have been heard.
      Sorry for the confusion,
      Here is a copy of the original plea


      In addition to all of the usual security concerns, our site for Border Skirmish is a public park, and there is not any way to close it off entirely. There will be plenty of people coming by who have no idea that the park is reserved for the weekend, unless and until we let them know, graciously. Additionally, part of our agreement with the city is that we will host some public demo hours during the event; this way, we provide some entertainment for their population, and we also educate people about the Middle Ages and about our club. So it is advisable that each of us as individuals do our best to handle ourselves and our possessions wisely, and that we work to maintain security for the event as a whole throughout the weekend, for the local public as well as for ourselves.

      Your Duties While Working Security

      Two volunteers are needed for each 2-hour shift, throughout the event, beginning at 3 pm on Friday. Duties include helping to enforce the site rules which can be found here:


      as well as helping people in need of your assistance, patrolling the event areas, standing at the roadway entrances to the park to inform people that the park is rented for a private event, putting out unattended fires and flames, checking for the means to extinguish fires being at hand, patrolling the parking areas, and making sure that vehicles which are done unloading are driven to parking areas promptly. So please, good gentles, respond to either of us ASAP so that we may all rest easy that this important job is filled in time! And thanks be to all!
      In Service,
      -- Adelicia and Dycon

      C.A.M.: Adelicia Oakleigh of York : jab AT uwm DOT edu

      Ravenslake: Dycon Gestour: Dycon AT tds DOT net

      Email form: (removed.. bad link)

      Main website for the event:


      Security volunteer page:


      Thank you for your time, we now return you to your regularly scheduled emails.

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      Subject: Security at Border Skirmish

      So I had put my name in the hat to volunteer to help with security a couple months ago and I was wondering what happened with that.
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