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Border Skirmish!

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  • AlexdeSet@aol.com
    Greetings to all! lue skies and comfy climes.... sweet night air.... lake waves lapping the hore gently in the distance.... doesn t it all just sound magical?
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2010
      Greetings to all!
      Blue skies and comfy climes.... sweet night air.... lake waves lapping the  
      shore gently in the distance.... doesn't it all just sound magical?  It can 
       be yours at Border Skirmish!
      When: June 11th-13th
      Where: Simmons Island Park in Kenosha, WI
      Activities include heavy and  light weapons fighting, classes,  children's 
      activities, a period encampment, Artisan Row, merchants,  Royal Court, the 
      annual Saturday night potluck BBQ and the Griffin and  Dragon Tavern will be 
      back serving dinner Friday and breakfast and lunch  on Saturday.
      Second year at this new event site.... improvements made based on last  
      year's feedback... it only gets better from here!  One of the most fun  
      fighting events you can go to and great pre-war gear-up!  You really don't  want 
      to miss out.... and this event is a great for camping gear "shake  down".  Try 
      out that new "thing" before taking it to Warriors &  Warlords, or Pennsic 
      and give yourself time to adjust or tweek!
       Pre-registration is open for both general populace and merchants, and  
      please check out the Volunteers Needed page!  A little of your time at an  
      event goes a long way.  Our thanks in advance for helping out!
       is  the place with all the particulars.
      In Service~
      Deonysia of Rye
      BS'10 Event Deputy, Demo wrangler, etc...  ;)
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