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Fwd: May 16 Ayreton Arts Academy/Demo/Moot

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      Resent by request.

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      Subject: May 16 Ayreton Arts Academy/Demo/Moot


      Good morning, Ayreton!
      This is a friendly reminder that the A & S Academy/Demo/Moot is scheduled for Sunday, May 16.
      The Demo/A & S Academy will take place at the Batavia Public Library from 12 to 4.
      This should be in garb as we are educating the general public as well as ourselves.  So far I have received five emails from Ayreton members saying that they are attending....would love to have more confirmations.
      This is a great chance to share your skills and talents with us as well as potential new members.
      I would also like to know how many fighters and fencers will be available so I can schedule specific 'fight" times into the day.
      If you are available to bring items as a "show and tell" or to teach and/or fight please send me an email at Jeffnaggie@...
      The address for the library is:
      Batavia Public Library
      10 South Batavia Avenue
      Batavia, IL 60510
      (630) 879-1393

      The moot will follow with dinner starting at 5:00 at the East China Inn in Batavia.  We have a back room reserved.  BE AWARE - there are two East China Inn's in Batavia.  The one we have reservations for is:
      East China Inn
      (630) 879-5668
      9 S Randall Rd
      Batavia, IL 60510
      41.8494 -88.3403
      Thank you all for supporting the future growth of our Barony.
      Hillary of Langeforde
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