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Fwd: [Northshield] Border Skimish VII: June 11-13th in Kenosha

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      Subject: [Northshield] Border Skimish VII: June 11-13th in Kenosha

      Border Skirmish VII is just over the horizon as the lovely Simmons Island Park 
      in Kenosha will once again be opening its arms (and border) to travelers 
      spanning across the great Kingdom of Northshield and of the Middle Kingdom, 
      coming to battle it out on the border!  This is the same place we enjoyed last 
      year, and this year will be just as fun if not more so!!  Oh yeah!
      There is much to see and do at Border Skirmish, and this year there are many fun 
      things planned for all to enjoy!  There will be fighting, an artisan's row, a 
      woodworking competition, a period sand-castle (or maybe that should be 
      "sand-period-castle") team competition on the beach, fighting, interesting 
      classes, bardic circle, fighting, shopping, archery, ... oh, and did I mention 
      fighting??! (Yeah!, LOTS of fighting for both the armored and unarmored 
      There will also be a period encampment this year (yay) and a demo provided on 
      Saturday for the local public can come and see why we love doing the crazy 
      things we do, in funny clothes, and ... in public!
      PRE-REG (General and Merchant):
      Pre-registration for the general populace is currently open and our Gate Keeper 
      patiently awaits your letter and coin!   
      Merchant pre-registration is also being accepted!  [Please note that that all 
      forms must be submitted with payment in order for your reservation to be 
      complete and reserved.]:  http://caeranterth.org/Calendar/BorderSkirmish/2010/merchants
      The Griffon & Dragon Tavern returns to Border Skirmish, and once again all kinds 
      of food items will be available throughout the event weekend through the hard 
      work and generosity of Mistress Tatiana Marana Melville!  http://caeranterth.northshield.org/Calendar/BorderSkirmish/2010/food.php
      Because of the success of past BBQ feasts held at Border Skirmish, once again we 
      invite you to strut your culinary stuff by bring your beast of choice, root 
      veggies, feast gear and a dish to pass for the grill.  Tender baked potatoes 
      will be provided (along with all the fixings, as well as one grill being 
      designated as a "non pork/fish grill".  If bringing a dish, please let our 
      webmaster know so he can add your dish to our webpage and reduce any multiples 
      of the same dish.
      For your entertainment, a concert will be provided on Saturday afternoon before 
      royal court.  Those wishing to share their vocal talents may do so by contacting 
      our Concert Mistress, Tabith Pennywarden!  http://caeranterth.org/Calendar/BorderSkirmish/2010/concert
      Tent Fee:  $ 5.00, per tent
      [*If you sleep in it, it’s a tent! Includes vehicles used for sleeping and RVs, 
      not a dining fly or armor cover in which you don't sleep]
      Adults, Weekend, $14.00 / 1-day is $7.00
      Students, Weekend, $10.00 / 1-day is $7.00
      Senior Citizens (55+ ), Weekend, $10.00 / 1-day $7.00
      Youth, Weekend (Age 6-17), $ 7.00 /1-day is $3.00
      Children (Age 0-5), Weekend, FREE
      In addition, for non-members, the $3.00 Non-Member Surcharge (NMS) is added to 
      Adults Weekend fees, and to Adults/Students/Senior Citizens 1-day fees, above. 
      (All of these are non-discounted fees, thus incurring the NMS for non-members.)
      For more information (and we are adding new bits often), please see our website!
      Course, what would be more fun than spending some time volunteering to lend a 
      hand here and there  during the event!  Here are some of the positions needing 
      warm bodies:
      - Waterbearers (for both Armored and Unarmored Combat Stations)
      - Camp Heralds 
      - Youth Combat Coordinator
      - Parking Poobah Team ("Thing 1 & Thing 2")
       - As well as other positions available, working with some of our Staff 
      If your interested in any of these positions or have questions, please feel free 
      to contact me (sigrid@...) or visit please our staff page at our website 
      for more details and staff contact information!  
      Please feel free to forward this on to any other lists you feel would benefit 
      from having this much fun.
      In humble service, I remain....
      Lady Sigrid Svensdottir
      (CAM) Event Steward, Border Skirmish VII
      "Today will be happier than a bird with a french fry"....
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