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Re: [Ayreton] Seeking help from a metal worker/smithie

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  • michael A
    I may be able to help you with the project. feel fre to email me with particulars. ... From: kiltie_celt To:
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 24, 2010
      I may be able to help you with the project. feel fre to email me with particulars.


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      I'm building a pair of crossbows and I would like see if I can find someone knowledgeable in the area of metal working to help me with part of the project. Some period crossbows used a device called a goats foot lever or gaffa, to span/cock the crossbow. The gaffa is not a complex device, however it looks to involve a small amount of metal working if it's to be made so that it will be structurally sound. If there are any metal workers in the Ayerton area that would like to help me out I would greatly appreciate it. Ideally I would like have a major hand in constructing the gaffa, not just have someone make it for me. I would provide the materials to construct the gaffa after discussing what type of steel would be best. Finally, if you're interested and think you can help, please contact me through this forum and I can forward to you drawings and such showing various gaffa and we can work out some time to meet and discuss the project.



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