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Interested in learning blacksmithing?

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  • anthony_satoh
    Some folks I ve talked in the past have expressed an interest in learning blacksmithing. Here is a link to a location which offeres some really good classes.
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      Some folks I've talked in the past have expressed an interest in learning blacksmithing.

      Here is a link to a location which offeres some really good classes.  I've taken about 5 classes from this instructor and I highly recomend him.


      These classes are very challenging and very fun.  While the classes use modern gas forges, the instructor also has knowledge of period techniques.  In one class I forge welded a wrought iron period axe (out of 90 old reclaimed iron scraps) which was based on a drawing from an actual 600 year old axe I found in a book that the instructor happened to have with him.

      He's brought knives he's made and they are jaw dropping. 

      He had a knife made from forge welded chunks of meteorite.

      He had one with an petrified foscil in the pomel and amber embelishments. 

      He had a period looking blade which was made from gorgeous damascus.

      His knives have been featured in national knife smithing magazines and he's a wealth of knowledge.

      Again, I highly recommend his classes for anyone from beginners to advanced.

      Feel free to contact me off list if you have any questions.


      -Ercc Glaison

      (Mundane: Anthony Satoh, Email: anthony_satoh@...)

      Feel free to cross post

      One of the tests for an up and coming Blacksmith would be to make his own tools like hammers, tongs chisels and punches. The ability to take basic steel and work it into the tools of your trade was and still is a badge of honor. Learn to make and forge some of your own tools, as well as heat-treating processes and tool steels. In this 2-day workshop we will explore different types of forging processes used to produce functional tools. Some possible projects will include, hammers, tongs chisels and punches.
      Days: Saturdays: May 1 & 8; 9 AM - 5 PM

      In this class we will be making several small but very important tools for the blacksmith, jeweler, or tinsmith. The Touch-mark was a big thing for the Blacksmith. Not only did his mark serve to identify his personal tools, but it identified all the items he produced. As the consummate craftsman, the blacksmith would stand behind his products. If a person brought back a tool or other metal item that needed repair, the blacksmith could instantly tell if he produced it and would fix it straight away. We will make at least one touch mark in this class.
      Other tools we will be making are small metal chasing tools and texturing tools and chisels, useful for any metalsmith who wants to do fine work in steel or other metals. We will have some various metals available such as copper and brass to practice on. Who should attend: anyone from previous blacksmithing, knife forging classes, or jewelry classes. This class will be fun for the intermediate as well as the advanced metal worker.

      Days: Thursdays: July 1 - 15; 6:30 - 9 PM

      Learn the fine art of forge welding and techniques of blacksmithing, as well as some advanced processes and materials. In this one day workshop, we will explore different types of metal working processes used to produce decorative and functional items in iron. Work will focus on organic shapes in iron and copper. Some possible projects will include metal punches, door knockers, candleholders, and animal head letter opener.

      Days: Saturday: April 10; 9 AM - 5 PM

      In this class you will make a Knife with decorative exotic wood or antler handle. We will forge weld patterned Damascus blades as well as study traditional Japanese blade forging/heat treatment. This class is designed to be challenging to the intermediate and advanced Blacksmith/Bladesmith.
      Learn the basic tools, techniques used in Bladesmithing and handle work in this 4 day class we will explore different types of processes used to produce functional knives. We will have many different exotic woods and other materials available for purchase like brass copper and nickel silver.
      Days: Fridays: June 18 & 25; 5 PM - 9 PM
      Days: Saturdays: June 19 & 26; 9 AM - 5 PM

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