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Possible demo/outreach opportunity

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  • nadezda_zezastrizl
    Happy Friday! I ve got a question for everyone. There s a potential to get us involved in Jeff Fest, a community festival near the usual TGS meeting space
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 26, 2010

      Happy Friday!

      I've got a question for everyone. There's a potential to get us involved in Jeff Fest, a community festival near the usual TGS meeting space (near Lawrence Ave. & I-90), which runs  June 25, 26, 27. This year they are holding it at the Copernicus Center, which is also host to  Taste of Polonia, for those that know that.

      There's 2 avenues that we might be able to persue. One is simply a stage demo, particularly since they are trying to get a lot of community involvement --the more varied, the better.

      The second avenue is the part that could be potentially lucrative. Because they are skipping the city's special events department and the Jeff Park Chamber of Commerce is running themselves, they are stretched a bit thin. They, or at least the CoC president, are vary concerned about whom they can trust in some money handling rolls, especially in running some casino games, and may be willing to pay for help. So....I mentioned this really trust-worthy group I know....

      This isn't a done deal, but there's a brain-storming session next week. I'd like to have a clue as to if we might have enough interest to be able to staff, at least a couple people Friday evening (5-10), Saturday(10am-11pm), and mid-day Sunday (10-6pm)--my time estimates are approximate. In still wanting to promote SCA, I suggested that garb could be donned, and small promotional fliers could be made ready for those who ask, which the CoC pres thought sounded reasonable.  Further, the CoC president suggested that out of this we might also get booth space. I'm not sure we'd have enough people available to staff both, really, but we could at least get some fliers out at the nieghborhood association table (as president of that group, I can actually make that promise).  The casino games to be run are likely roulette and a cash wheel, so this could be kinda fun. Obviously there would also be free admission, and potentially other perks.

      Anyway, more info is at: http://www.jeffersonpark.net/modules/newsletter.htm --towards the end of the February newsletter. There's contact info etc. there for anyone who's got another performance group they'd like to enter .

      Incidentally, something that struck me is that we do have some cross-over reinactors here--is there anyone out there that does any late 1700's stuff? IOW Thomas Jefferson's time period?  Jefferson park is after all, named for that Jefferson.

      Thanks--and feel free to reply off list if you want,


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