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Fwd: [elvavtiden] Fighter Practice in Elgin

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    Information about Elvavtiden s fighter practice. Tim Dear Friends, To alleviate the confusion and to free up Sven s calendar for school and martial arts we are
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 23, 2010

      Information about Elvavtiden's fighter practice. 

      Dear Friends,
      To alleviate the confusion and to free up Sven's calendar for school and martial arts we are hoping everyone will help to achieve the following proposal.
      First due to prior engagements, Sven will not be at Fighters Practice this Saturday (we are all getting our next belt in Karate).  Next Business Meeting is March 5th at 1036 Logan Ave in Elgin (Todd and Babettes House) at 7pm - Pot Luck
      Second, we are allowed the HUB every Saturday from anytime to anytime.  However our attendance has been poor which leads to Sven and or I wasting a lot of time waiting - and no one wants us to do that, so what we propose is a 1 big fighter practice monthly combining the groups that have been attending (Rockford, Elgin, Ayerton, Foxvale, Dekalb, etc...) for the last few months on what typically happens to be the last or first weekend of the month.  Please send this post to other local groups if you believe they would be interested.
      We would like to discuss with the Barony and Canton the possibility of doing a Faire at the school - some thoughts - maybe for Fall.
      Once the weather cooperates, Elgin will move the fighter practice to Wing Park - Sven will only attend FP with other confirmations (i.e. if you say you will be there he will be there) -  if you need verbal confirmation call Colleen at 6183834837. We propose a morning 8a-10a or a late afternoon 3p to 5pm because fighting in the sun can cause health issues for many and we don't want that either. 

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