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Fwd: [Mid] FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT: Norse Life and Culture Seminar April 10, 2010

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      Subject: [Mid] FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT: Norse Life and Culture Seminar April 10, 2010

      Greetings and Salutations in the New Year!
      Please feel free to cross-post this to any lists or people you feel
      would be interested in this.
      This is the first Call for Teachers for a Norse Life and Culture
      Seminar in the Canton of Three Hills (Kalamazoo, Michigan) on April
      10, 2010. The concept is like a mini-RUM for Norse personas! It's
      hoped that Norse persona folk can network, teach and share with
      other Norse persona folk at an event specifically designed for
      This event will be a day of classes, with a lunch tavern provided
      on-site, by Novus Sodalis. There will be no feast.
      I am looking for classes on topics of interest to those with
      Norse-era personas. This can include, but is not limited to:
      learning how to make a Viking swag necklace, learning how to do
      wire-woven necklaces, card-woven trims, combat techniques,
      appropriate footgear, tentage, and accessories for Norse personas,
      culture, needlework, beverages (this is a WET SITE), etc. 
      Classes will be 50 minutes in length, or an hour and 50 minutes,
      with a ten-minute break between class sessions. Longer classes can
      be accommodated as well.
      If you are interested in teaching a class at the Norse Life and
      Culture Seminar, please contact me (Mistress Siobhan) at:
      judith.a.kirk@... and let me know what you can teach, and
      how long a time you would like to teach. 
      There is also a very special off-campus seminar from noon to 4pm.
      This will be a hands-on seminar at West Michigan Glass Society. This
      is the opportunity to work in a professional glass bead studio with
      minor bench burners! Participants must register for glass sessions
      prior to the event, and you can sign up for one hour or two hours
      max, at $10 an hour. There are spaces for beginners, intermediates,
      and advanced. Beginners are strongly recommended to register for two
      one-hour sessions. (It's hard to learn enough to make a bead in just
      one hour of torch time.) Intermediates and advanced are encouraged
      to share what they know and assist beginners and others as
      appropriate, but if you sign up for an hour of torch time, you will
      be guaranteed that torch time. We can accommodate 48 1-hour
      sessions. There are twelve minor burners that can used at once. 
      If you are interested in registering for the hands-on bead seminars
      in the afternoon, please contact Master Thaddeus the Brown at:
      dbstudios100@... and indicate if you are a Beginner (never
      done it before, or did it so long ago as to be the same thing;
      beginners should register for two hours), Intermediate (I've made a
      bead before and want to add simple decorations) or Advanced (You are
      familiar with simple bead decorating techniques and are ready to
      expand your bead range (like period methods)). Please indicate if
      you want one hour ($10) or two ($20). If you are also volunteering
      to teach a class, please let Mistress Siobhan know so that your
      class can be scheduled prior to noon.
      The glass seminar registration fee of $10 an hour (max. 2 hours)
      will include glass rods and dipped mandrels. Safety glasses will be
      provided, but if you have your own, or have specific color rods you
      want to use, or any special equipment that you own (marvers,
      stringers, murrini, etc.) feel free to bring along those supplies.
      These burners use Effrete/Milano 104 COE glass. Pyrex/borosilicate
      will not be covered in this seminar. People participating in this
      special hands-on glass seminar should plan on being at the glass
      shop for the entire four hours, to help out where possible and/or
      watch others for additional learning experiences. The goal is to
      have less experienced beadmakers learn from all those who have had
      more extensive bead experience, and for those with more experience
      to learn new techniques and network with other beadmakers.
      Thank you!
      Banbharun Siobhan O'Neill
      Event Autocrat
      From:  Judith Kirk <judith.a.kirk@...>
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