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Paying by Credit/Debit Cards for events (Or, what is ACCEPS anyway??)

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    Howdy All! I ve heard a couple of people asking about what ACCEPS is and how groups use it. So, I thought I would try and share for all to know. First, how
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      Howdy All!

      I've heard a couple of people asking about what "ACCEPS" is and how groups use it. So, I thought I would try and share for all to know.

      First, how about an excerpt from the Kingdom Officer's Reference Handbook:

      VI. ACCEPS: The Ansteorran Credit Card Electronic Payment System (ACCEPS) is a service provided by the Kingdom of Ansteorra to take credit card reservations for events. Kingdoms can be set up to have access to this service by the Kingdom Exchequer contacting the ACCEPS Treasurer. Once the Kingdom page is set up, each branch holding an event wanting to use the service would contact the service and transfer a small fee for the event page setup. Then each transaction is charged a small fee to offset the costs. 10 days before the event, preregistrations are closed. A transfer check for all registrations and a registration list for the gate is sent to the branch exchequer at that time. You are not required to set your Kingdom up on this service – it is offered as an optional benefit.

      And, we can pull some information off of the ACCEPS homepage:

      ACCEPS: This service is provided by the Kingdom of Ansteorra, a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., to allow participants at SCA events to pre-pay event fees using a credit card. There will be a small fee added to each credit card transaction to cover our processing costs. The fee is usually $1 but may be larger for wars and other large events.

      Want to know more about the system? Check out the website:


      So what does all this mean?

      For groups? Lots of good things!

      Your preregistration is all in one place and easy to use the day of the event. Faster lines at registration! No extra work for your volunteers. And, no pressure to get checks deposited into your account. It is also an easy way to check attendance for your event so if you need to adjust for feast planning it is easy to do.

      For attendees? Also good things!

      Your payment is processed immediately. No more outstanding checks! You get confirmation immediately! Worried about making sure you have a seat for feast? Now you can be sure! No more hoping to hear back from someone. And, spend less time waiting in line to check in at the event!

      But as we know these kinds of services cost money. And, the Society has to cover the cost in some way. So how does this processing affect someone attending an event?

      We can use Twelfth Night in Tree-Girt-Sea as an example event:

      Site preregistration is $8.00. (That is a two-dollar discount from the at-door fee of $10.00.) Feast registration is $12.00.

      From ACCEPS: A fee of $ 0.30 plus 2.60 % of the total will be added to each transaction to cover our cost of processing.

      So, if you are only signing up for site:

      $8.00 X 2.6% + $0.30 = $8.51 (You get a savings of $1.49!)

      So, if you are signing up for site and feast:

      $20.00 X 2.6% + $0.30 = $20.82 (You get a savings of $1.18 AND you are guaranteed a place for feast!)

      In these examples you see the discount actual covers any processing fees so you still come out ahead.

      I hope that helps answer any questions people had out there.

      We've been using this service in Tree-Girt-Sea for a number of years now. In fact – last year we completely sold out feast online before the event. If you travel to any inter-Kingdom wars (other than Pennsic) you'll have probably already used this site.

      Hope that helps answer anyone's questions! And, Happy Holidays all!
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