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RE: [Ayreton] Heartfelt Thank You

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  • Thomas Hughes
    Jale and Killian, You are most welcome. Oh, your kids are so easy and good to watch. Evelyn slept and Gabriel wore me out chasing him around the list field
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 19, 2009

      Jale and Killian,


      You are most welcome.  Oh, your kids are so easy and good to watch.  Evelyn slept and Gabriel wore me out chasing him around the list field after the tourney.  He wore me out.




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      Unto Ayreton,

      Kilian and I would like to extend a very heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone from Ayreton for your support and enthusiasm at Crown Tourney this past Saturday.

      There are so very very many people to list, so forgive me if I don't name names.

      Thank you -

      to those who helped unload the car
      to our banner bearers and heralds (even Alexander - may you one of these days remember it's not "Jail"..hehehe)
      everyone for your cheerful support as the tournament began
      for the lovely spread of snacks everyone was happy to share
      to everyone who stood by in the final rounds
      for the freely given assistance of packing up our stuff and getting it to the car

      These things helped make our day quite wonderful and while I don't presume to think any of this was done for 'us', rather we are proud to count ourselves members of such a supportive, fun group of people!

      Forgive me for saving this for last, but it is precious to me:
      I cannot thank ANY of you enough for helping to entertain and supervise my children for the day. Gabriel and Evelyn were happy throughout the day and had so much fun it was difficult to put them to bed - they didn't want to miss a thing! Please know you hold a special place in my heart for being kind to my children.

      Kilian and I are happy we were able to represent the good people of Ayreton and add a bit of excitement to everyone's day. While we are sorry we could not represent Ayreton at the Kingdom Level (*this time*) we are looking forward to having the opportunity of that honor once again next Spring.

      Yours in service,

      Sir Kilan Fendrich and Lady Jale bint Amar

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