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Sept 2 Update on XL event

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  • Fern
    Dear Aryeton,   I m trying to keep everyone here posted on the interesting news about the Midrealm 40-Yr Celebration and Coronation. Here s the latest news:
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2009
      Dear Aryeton,
      I'm trying to keep everyone here posted on the interesting news about the Midrealm 40-Yr Celebration and Coronation. Here's the latest news:
      1. The site tokens have arrived and they are wonderful! They are embroidered patches with the red pale, the green dragon, and black text. The design and artwork was done by Joscelyn and Mistress Gwenhyvar, and it's glorious!
      2. There will be facilities to record oral history! We have a new addition to the event staff, Lord Seamus ua Murchada from Vanished Wood. Seamus will coordinate the technology projects, which include audo recording, video recording, and scanning photos into the archives for the Kingdom Historian.
      3. Porters will be available to help unload cars, and to give advice on parking locations, thanks to the Thieves of Hearts! Tedesco da Venezia will the coordinator for them. Please feel free to volunteer to help, because it looks like the event will be huge. 600 people or more!
      4.The plans for the heavy and rapier tourneys have become more detailed. The heavy tourney is for fighters who joined the SCA during the last 10 years (the Fourth Decade of the Middle Kingdom), as well as novices (no fighting award, never won a tourney, never fought in Crown Tourney) from any other decade. This will spotlight the newer fighters, while allowing the senior fighters more opportunity to mingle. The tourney will be in a pool format. Fighters will be divided into geographic regions and the geography will be distributed throughout the pools. No need to fight your local guys in the first pool!
      The rapier tourney is also for fencesr who joined the SCA (or who authorized in rapier) during the last 10 years but for unscarf fighters only. In this case, the pools will consist of different levels of experience, based on the number of years of rapier experience. I'm sorry, it doesn't seem possible to avoid fighting the local Midlands guys, but at least there will be some variety in styles!
      5. Things we need for the event: volunteers with laptops and scanners for the technology station. Also, does anyone have the equipment needed to scan slides (as in "slide projector")? Please contact Seamus for details, jon@...

      6. Other things needed for the event. I'm looking for tiny black bungee cords, about the size of large rubber band, to lash the banner poles to the stairway in Ida Noyes. By my estimate, we will need 38 of them. We can use larger ones, of course, but they might less-artistic. Also 3x5 index cards in parchement color, for notes during the day and for labels on displays.

      Thank you very much for your patience! There are many wonderful things scheduled for this event, and I know we're all going to impress our visitors! Please check out the webpage again. There have been recent updates, and there will be more updates after this weekend!


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