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Ayreton Resources here on the discussion group.

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  • ayretontownecryer
    Often I hear or see asked about what else there is in the area or where can we find a Shire s or Tree Girt Sea s webpages and a host of other questions.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 22, 2006
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      Often I hear or see asked about what else there is in the area or where can we find a Shire's or Tree Girt Sea's webpages and a host of other questions.

      Tedesco, maker of this Yahoo! Group, put some real effort to have good resources available to you the users to answer just those questions. While it is not an exhaustive  it is very useful.

      I recomend using the bar to your left and exploring what there is here to offer.

      The files are just that.  Electronic files including directions to the Grey Gargoyles who host the Ayreton Fighter/Fencing and Garb circle.  You will also find the - out just this year - 1st edition of the Midrealm Protocol Handbook to answer your questions of the niceties of behavior we have in this part of the SCA.

      Please put up pictures of things you are doing in the Photos section.  There is some fencing, heavy fighting, boffer and dancing in there as well as one gentle's foray into beekeeping and honey.  It is always neat to see what others are doing in Ayreton.

      The links are just that.  A variety of webpage links to various SCA groups and mail groups.  Northshield, Midrealm, and many others are included there.  This link section is a very good centralized resource for finding out what different groups in Ayreton are doing.

      And of course the Calendar.  Tedesco works hard to keep this Calendar up to date.  Nothing is perfect of course but this calendar is a GREAT resource for a quick look to see what is going on in the area.

      I hope that these resources will be very useful to you in your experience here in the Ayreton area.  As always feel free to ask a question here about something that is going on.  There are a lot of knowledgeable people on the list that can help out.  We ask that if the question is individual in nature that the answers be sent directly to that individual so that area discussions can proceed without a lot of other conversation.  However, nobody will get booted for being helpful and nice.

      Thank you so much for being a part of the game we play and helping everyone live The Dream.

      Ian the Green

      Ayreton Towne Cryer

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