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Fall Fighting in Ayreton - plus some quick housekeeping on announcements

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  • ayretontownecryer
    Greetings unto the populace in this area we call Ayreton. Real life has changed my schedule as of late and perhaps you have noticed. I am trying to get back
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 22, 2006
      Greetings unto the populace in this area we call Ayreton.  Real life has changed my schedule as of late and perhaps you have noticed.  I am trying to get back to a regular schedule of announcements.
      To this end I will be starting to make announcements on Sundays.  Preferably in the morning but perhaps in the evenings.
      As always feel free to contact me at Ayretontownecryer@...  I am happy to announce any SCA activities, information and practices you may be having.  As long as they are open to are open to anyone.  Remember I only announce things that I have been ASKED to announce.  I don't go trolling through the groups websites for announcements.  So if you want it announced you really do have to tell me.
      And remember, I'm not shy about being told I've made a mistake in my announcements.  Just let me know and I'll pass that along as my mistake.
      Please keep me updated about your activities and practices as well.  If you're changing a time or place that would be important to know.  If you are skipping a night, let me know so a newcomer doesn't show up and not have anyone there.
      Okay onto the announcements!
      ** GREY GARGOYLES - 
        The Province of Tree Girt Sea, Shire of Grey Gargoyles and Shire of Vanished Woods all officially practice at the Grey Gargoyles site every Sunday of the month.  We call this the Ayreton Fighter Practice.


      This practice has been starting around 2 p.m. Sundays at Ida Noyes on the University of Chicago Campus.


          Directions to the Grey Gargoyles Site
          Be Warned that the Dan Ryan (90/94) Is Subject to construction.  You may wish to take an alternate route.  Alternate directions can be found at : 
      59th Street and Woodlawn Ave., Chicago IL 60637.

      Find the best route to I-90/I-94 in
      South Chicago. Take I-90/I-90 and exit
      Garfield Blvd. (55th St.)
      Turn east immediately (first light) and proceed past 5 stoplights.
      Cross Martin Luther King drive and enter park.

      At the Y in the road go right. This will lead you onto the Midway Plaisance (
      59th St.)
      Go to Woodlawn Ave, turn left and park. Ida Noyes Hall is on the northeast corner of Woodlawn and Midway. See map for details
        If you choose to take an alternate route that includes the
      Lake Shore Drive please be aware that vehicles with Class B plates are not allowed on the Lake Shore Drive.
      This is not the only practice on Sunday in Ayreton.
      ** RAVENSLAKE -
      Fighter Practice starts at 1 pm on Sundays (except the 1st of every month which is a moot). We will focus on training new fighters and melee practice.  This practice is also a rapier, archery and thrown weapons practice as well !!!

      Here is the location:

      The Church of the Holy Family
      25291 Lehmann Blvd
      Lake Villa, IL 60046.
      One block south of 132 on rte 59.
      To All Youth Fighters and their parents:

      We have a new site for boffer fighting practice.  We will have practice now twice a month, on the first and third Mondays of the month from 6:30-8:30 p.m.  We now have 12-16 fighters coming to practice on a regular basis, with at least 2 fighters in each division regularly showing up.


      Hope Presbyterian Church
      1771 S. Wiesbrook Road
      Wheaton, IL 60187

      Directions:  Coming from Butterfield Rd....The church is 2 blocks north of Butterfield Rd on the right. Wheaton-Warrenville South High School is on the west side of the road and the church is up on a hill across from the very back of the high school campus-this is the corner of Durfee and Wiesbrook.  On the corner of Wiesbrook and Butterfield is a little blue sign that says Hope Presbyterian Church.  Wiesbrook, which has a traffic light,  is West of Danada Square and east of the Blackwell Forest Preserve. 

      Marshal in charge:  Acelina of Derelei  phone 630-378-5413.  email djc137@...

      We sincerely want to Thank Fox Vale for giving us our starting location.  We simply grew too big for that site.  But without them, this wouldn't have happened.
      **  Thieves of Heart
      This is no longer only a Rapier practice heavy fighters have now been taking advantage of this wonderful site as well!   If you are a heavy fighter interested in this practice please contact Gintaras at gintarasthetaura@...
      Rapier - The fall season has set its hands upon us and the din of war is fading.  Now is the time for those warriors still with us to turn our eyes, our arms and our minds to training and sharpening our skills.  And so the Thieves of Heart have started again classes for novice and advanced fencers.  Classes and games designed to be helpful in tournament matches as well as helping to bring out Melee ability as well.  Please come join us and add your knowledge to ours.
      Everyone is welcome to attend!
        Directions to the Thieves of Heart Practice!!
        Practices are held Tuesday evenings 6:30p to 9p at the Glenbrook North High School.  Address: 2300 Shermer Road, Northbrook IL
        Best way to I - 294 to Willow Road Exit.
        Exit Willow road to the EAST.  Aprox 1.9 miles to Shermer Road.
        Turn Left onto Shermer road.  Follow Shermer 4 blocks to the last driveway into the school and turn left.
        Go past the stop sign, turn left into the next parking lot and then turn right behind the tennis courts.  The parking lot will be on your left.  Look for the propped open door to the gym that will be on your left as you enter the parking lot.
      **  FOXVALE
      Foxvale has its practice site back.
      Please contact the heavy marshal for directions and times.
      Erick Maxskelly

      **  TREE GIRT SEA -
      The meeting site is: United Church Of Christ, 5320 West Giddings, Chicago, IL, 60630 (one block south & west of Milwaukee/Lawrence, near the blue line & Jefferson Park Station).  Note, the church is continuing their pantry charity, so any canned goods or other non-perishable items will be accepted as donations.
      Questions can be Directed to the Tree Girt Sea Marshal of Fence Kevin Ambrozjewski.  His e-mail is kevinp9523@... 
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