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FW: [rokkehealden] pennsic news-from me-the proud mom

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  • Patricia E. Chadwick
    Greetings, I m sharing because I know the proud mom hasn t. J In Service, Akiko who s proud of the wonderful accomplishments. Congrat s guys. J See you guys
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      I’m sharing because I know the proud mom hasn’t. J

      In Service,

      Akiko who’s proud of the wonderful accomplishments.   Congrat’s guys. J  See you guys at FoxHunt.  


      ***Just for today I will find the magic in life. I will accept myself without complaint. I refuse to worry I live to love. I am what I am I am at peace***

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      Thought you might be interested in the update from the kids front. I am
      very proud of all that my kids have accomplished and thought you might enjoy
      hearing about their awards. I have pictures of the different activities if
      there is a place to put them.

      Last year, Gamel/Ryan received a special award of a child's size elbow. It
      was the first year the prize was given. This year, he had the honor of
      presenting the award, called the legends award, to the second recepient.

      Griffin/Travis won the overall chivalry prize for the week for division 3.
      Whoever put it together did an fantastic job, the prize was a cooler filled
      with all sorts of items from duct tape to band-aids to food.

      For the 3 man tourney in division 3, Griffin's team (along with Gareth,
      Sean O'Shaunessey' son and Ian, a fighter they knew from Pennsic) won all their
      boughts to win the tourney. They were the neons. He and Gareth made neon
      weapons and tabards with sashes to match for the team.

      (If you are curious, Griffin will be 18 in October.)

      And the last one is due to the wonderful work of Lady Anthoinette and
      Sofya, the lady in charge of page school. Griffin graduated page school. His
      senior project has to be put in a form to go online. It was making a pictorial
      version of the youth boffer needs for parents (like me) who are getting
      their kids into youth fighting and do not know the armor terminology.
      Magdelena/Megan and Mei/Catie are graduate pages. Their graduation project will be
      complete at the 40 year event in Oct. And Ryan is a senior page. He has
      lots more time to work on page school stuff.

    • Fern
      Dear Aryeton,   Just in case anyone, especially the XL staff, has been calling me on my cell phone number, please be aware that I have misplace the cell phone
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        Dear Aryeton,
        Just in case anyone, especially the XL staff, has been calling me on my cell phone number, please be aware that I have misplace the cell phone sometime last week.
        If you left me a message on the cell phone in the last week, I haven't received it!
        Please do me a favor and call me again on the home phone at 773-764-1920. Fortunately, the home phone is listed on the XL website and the flyers. But local people might have had my cell phone on their call-back listing.
        I apologize for the inconvenience--it's very inconvenient for me, too!
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