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From Their Majesties: Aid For Pennsic

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  • Craig
    Please read these words from Their Majesties: Their most august and royal Majesties, EikBrandr, Dragon king of iron glory, Oathbinder bearing and fierce foe
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 24, 2009
      Please read these words from Their Majesties:

      Their most august and royal Majesties, EikBrandr, Dragon king of
      iron glory, Oathbinder bearing and fierce foe defeating, and Runa,
      fair of face but fairer of judgment, send with joy these words to
      those who in fief hold Their land and herald Their voice.

      It has been with pleasure that We have begun Our time on the Midrealm
      throne, and been lifted by the revelry and celebration of Our
      Coronation. But the drums of war cease but briefly, and were always
      beating in Our hearts. Strong is that beat, too loud to be ignored,
      and growing more insistent with every passing week. We cannot contain
      its call; We now echo it and send it to you to strengthen and spread
      throughout Our lands. War approaches!

      Taking the Midrealm host to the field of Pennsic has long been a duty
      of the summer Crown. It is Our hope to bring new life and further
      renown to Our kingdom. There are three ways that We call on you, and
      your Baronies, to assist in this goal. As We have said, the stronger
      Our heart beats within Our realm, the stronger it can be reflected
      through Our efforts outside Our borders. These tasks We ask of you
      will create that strength.

      Firstly, war is a martial endeavour. Our army has grown in skill and
      strength every year, and We ask that you continue the same efforts of
      melee practice that have contributed to this excellence. We ask that
      you gather your levy, as great as always, and prepare them for travel
      into foreign lands. Further, We seek to expand our abilities with the
      feathered shaft, for this is dear to Our Queen's heart. As has been
      cried, Her Majesty shall bring to the field a unit of archers that
      shall be named Runa's Rangers. We ask that you call to arms all those
      who would wield a bow that they may join Her in this effort. We
      expect more archers from every barony than have ever been seen on the
      Pennsic battlefield from Our Kingdom before.

      To hone the skills of Runa's Rangers, We have advised Our Kingdom
      Earl Marshal that We shall begin to compete with all other kingdoms
      of the Known World in the Inter-Kingdom Combat Archery Competition,
      with the shafted arrows that may be used on foreign fields. Much like
      the IKAC that is familiar to many, the IKCAC fires those arrows that
      are built to shafted arrow combat archery conventions, firing on
      targets. Full rules and parameters are available. We encourage all
      Our subjects to take advantage of this, and to put Our kingdom at the
      forefront of this contest.

      The acts of war that are pursued on the field cannot be enjoyed
      without support from many, many others. We ask that Our kingdom be
      known not only for our dominance in battle but also for Our generous
      and industrious nature. There are a variety of branches at Pennsic
      that require volunteers, and We look forward to hearing your reports
      of Our people, inspired by you to highest feats of service. We will
      reward such acts accordingly, and Our kingdom will thrive from such a
      gift to the entire Society.

      Finally, Our presence at Pennsic is built on the support of Our
      people. We are looking for every Barony to meet Our call for
      retainers and guards throughout Our reign and especially for Our
      Royal encampment. We have asked Sgt. Bjarki, to be Our Captain of the
      guard. We know that he has already been speaking with you about
      guards, and it is Our hope that many fine warriors of the Dragon, be
      they heavy or light, stand forth to help guard Our Presence. Our
      Hersir, Squire Captain Artair is Our head retainer, and he will be
      contacting you to coordinate the help of retainers form Our people
      throughout the kingdom.

      We ask that you announce and organize as much help as possible within
      your borders, and contact Our staff to let them know how you may be
      of assistance.

      We thank you now for your efforts to come. We know that We ask much
      of you, but this only comes from what you have already shown your
      Baronies are capable of, and We know that you hold the glory of Our
      kingdom as dear in your hearts as We do in Ours.

      Written in Our scriptorium in the Cleftlands, on this date. To
      certify these words, we have here under set Our hands.
      EikBrandr and Runa

      Rex et Reina
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