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  • Jenna Klauss
    Hello All, I found this on a protege list that I am a part of and thought it might be nice to pass on if people were interested in helping or donating. Kisses
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 15, 2009
      Hello All,

        I found this on a protege list that I am a part of and thought it might be nice to pass on if people were interested in helping or donating.


      > Greetings and salutations unto the Known World.
      > I am Lord Valdis of Gotland, coordinator of the Pennsic Memorial Runestone.
      > I would like to take a quick minute to describe our project and let you 
      > know how you can make a contribution financially or physically.
      > This is a community project, in the sense that the community of Pennsic 
      > 38, you will be carving the stone with the assistance of some carvers 
      > who will be
      on hand. The stone is approximately 9 tons and will stand 
      > over 7 feet tall when erected. The wording is as follows, '

      > The People of the Folk-Assembly (Society) raised this stone in order to 
      > give honor to those who have walked these fields and fallen. We will 
      > meet again.' Written and translated into runes by Magistra Fiana of 
      > Clare. The artwork will includes viking elements of war and passage 
      > into an afterlife. There will be no religious references or personal 
      > names on the stone as it honors all who have walked with us. Each day 
      > for 4 hours we will have the runestone available for anyone to carve 
      > upon the stone. The artwork will be laid out already and tools will be 
      > provided as well as instruction with practice stones available for you 
      > to become comfortable with carving before moving to the main stone.

      > For those groups that wish to carve together whether in
      memory of 
      > someone or socially, we will block off time for groups of 10 or more. 
      > Whether you want to carve the stone in memory of someone or simply to 
      > have the opportunity to carve a period style stone with period tools, 
      > you are welcome.

      > Now, financials...unfortunately these types of projects cost money. For 
      > the tools, insurance, stone and delivery of the stone we need to raise 
      > around $6000 (six thousand dollars) in a short amount of time. For 
      > those individuals that donate a hundred dollars or more we will have a 
      > pendant in the shape of the runestone in bronze casted by Crafty Celts, 
      > for those individuals that donate two hundred dollars we will have the 
      > same pendant in silver, again casted by Crafty Celts. While six 
      > thousand dollars seems like alot to raise in less than two months it is 
      > less than a hundred individuals who feel moved to help sponsor this 
      worthy cause. Any donation in any amount is needed and appreciated.

      > Donations made be made at PayPal using our email address of 
      > pennsicrunestone@... <mailto:pennsicrunestone@...> or 
      > you may go to www.pennsicrunestone.com 
      > <http://www.pennsicrunestone.com/> and link PayPal from there. 

      > I will be posting more to the Pennsic runestone website as we move 
      > forward. The site is designed as a blog so we may discuss different 
      > elements of the runestone but more importantly I want to hear stories of 
      > our members who have passed and why you are inspired to donate or help 
      > carve with your hands...remember you do not have to donate to carve on 
      > the stone although your financial support is appreciated.

      > Please
      help spread the word of this project by forwarding to SCA list 
      > and friends so that we may reach our goal quickly and have the stone 
      > delivered and honor those scadians who are no longer with us.

      > Yours In Service,

      > Lord Valdis of Gotland

      > East Kingdom

      > kenkoll8974@... <mailto:kenkoll8974@...>

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      Jenna Klauss   

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