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[CHARTER] Notes from 2009-05-10 Meeting

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  • Robyyan Torr d'Elandris
    Ayreton Charter Committee 2009-05-10 Meeting Notes Attending: Robyyan (Dennis Sherman)(T) Nadezda Zezastriz (Merril Miller) (T) Aethelwulf of Dover (Tom Scrip)
    Message 1 of 1 , May 12, 2009
      Ayreton Charter Committee
      2009-05-10 Meeting

      Robyyan (Dennis Sherman)(T)
      Nadezda Zezastriz (Merril Miller) (T)
      Aethelwulf of Dover (Tom Scrip) (T)
      Philip White (Craig Shupee)(T)
      Sean o'Shaughnessy (Tom Hughes)(V)
      Eoghan O'Siodhachana (Justin Sheehan)
      Fern de la Foret (Laurie Erickson)
      Twm ap Twm (Tim Dinan) (V)
      Richard de Scolay (Bernal Schooky) (F)

      (F = Foxvale, G = Grey Gargoyles, R =
      Rokkehealden, T = Tree-Girt-Sea, V = Vanished Wood)

      We had no correspondence received.

      We discussed TERMS OF OFFICE, both for
      Baron/ess and group officers. We noted that Kingdom Law mandates a
      term of 5 years for Baron/ess, which may be repeated. Robyyan will
      investigate whether our Charter may specify a shorter term or not.
      We agreed (after revisiting the topic several times in the context of
      later discussion) that a normal term of office for group officers is
      1 year, which may be repeated.

      We revisited what OFFICES we need to
      fill. We have previously decided (January 2009 meeting) that the
      Baronial Curia is composed of the Baron/ess, Seneschal, Exchequer,
      Pursuivant, Minister of Arts & Sciences, Knight's Marshall, and
      Chronicler. We agreed that additional officer positions will be
      filled as required by Kingdom Law or Corpora, and additional officer
      positions may also be established by the Baronial Curia. These
      additional officers will not be members of the Baronial Curia.

      We revisited and finalized the topic of
      OFFICER SELECTION. This topic was previously addressed in part
      (December 2008), deciding that citizens of the Barony participate in
      officer selection. We agreed that officer selection will be done
      annually at the Summer populace meeting, with those selected to take
      office at the next business meeting. The mechanism of officer
      selection is either voice vote or show of hands, at the Seneschal's
      option, unless someone requests a secret ballot, in which case a
      paper ballot will be collected and counted. Offices that become
      vacant out of cycle will be filled by the Baronial Curia on an
      interim basis. People interested in taking or stepping down from
      office are encouraged to make announcement of their interest at the
      Spring populace meeting.

      We discussed ONGOING BARONIAL
      TRANSITIONS, and decided that the Charter does not need to address
      this topic, as it is fully covered in Kingdom Law.

      We discussed what EXPECTATIONS OF
      OFFICERS we have that are not addressed elsewhere, and should be part
      of the charter. We agreed that
      * Officer's reports to their regional or kingdom superior should be copied to the baronial seneschal and the baron/ess
      * Officers are expected to present a briefing on their area of responsibility at every business or populace meeting, either in person or by proxy
      * Officers are expected to publish regularly in the baronial newsletter, the Zephyr
      * Officers are expected to train their replacement
      * Officers that skip a meeting without sending a proxy briefing are expected to bring cupcakes for all to the next meeting

      Next Meeting: 2009-06-14 (Flag Day!) in
      Rokkhealden, site same as Ayreton meeting. At this meeting we will
      tackle the topics remaining on our list that have not yet been
      discussed. These include Canton/Barony interaction and jurisdiction,
      addition and subtraction of cantons, and problem solving and
      grievance procedures A specific agenda will be forthcoming. This is
      likely to be the last meeting at which topics are discussed and
      explored, future meetings will involve drafting and finalizing the
      actual charter text. Reminder: if you have opinions you would like
      heard on charter topics but cannot attend the meeting, send email to
      Robyyan and it will be taken to the meeting in hard copy form for
      everyone to see.

      Robyyan Torr d'Elandris (Dennis R. Sherman)
      Tree-Girt-Sea, Midrealm (Chicago, IL USA)
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