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Re: [Ayreton] Ayreton Badge Contest

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  • Tedesco da Venezia
    There s also something to be said for us picking specifically non-registrable insignia for our banners/badges-- it won t EVER conflict with any registered
    Message 1 of 48 , Oct 18, 2006
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      There's also something to be said for us picking specifically non-registrable insignia for our banners/badges-- it won't EVER conflict with any registered heraldry.  As of now, we have no need to actually register a device for Ayreton.  Like many households, clans, and fighter groups, we're just looking for a banner to fly.  Someday we may actually have a need for registered heraldry ( i.e. the whole Ayreton-as-a-barony conversation) at which time we can either register what we've got, if registrable, or derive something from it if not.  For example, the serpent-surrounding-seven-stars that Alexander mentioned that the first Lord Mayor used, or the ring-of-six-colors that Etienne mentioned was used for Felix's first coronation-- neither are registered and we probably would have difficulty getting either registered, though we could come up with a simplified device based on those designs if the need to register ever arises. 

      (Another example, the Great Dark Horde's badge is registered, even though by today's heraldry standards, it would not be registrable.) 


      On 10/18/06, Alan Terlep <atterlep@...> wrote:
      If someone registers a badge, they can use it as they see fit.  You can register a badge and tell people that you intend for it to be used by the people of Ayreton.  Then it becomes, in practice, the Ayreton badge.

      I've seen hundreds of devices and badges that looked good on paper, but were practically impossible to use.  It would be a real shame if Ayreton picked something that wasn't actually usable.  A gyronny of blue and green (to take one example mentioned here) won't be visible unless you're staring at the device up close for a long time--which is how people look at heraldry when they're choosing it, but not how they see it in practice.  Think about the Midlands badge--from any distance at all, all you see is a gold ring.  It still works to identify the Midlands, since a a gold ring on red can be identified from a long way away, but nobody can tell it's a dragon unless they're staring at a banner.

      It would good to keep in mind that the rules of heraldry were developed through centuries of trial and error, and are used because they work.  Billboards follow the same rules that medieval heraldry does--they have colors on metals, and limit their images to one or two easily identifiable items.

      So if you're going to do a bean count, you need to make sure that the heraldry is displayed in a way that simulates how it will be used in real life.  The best way to do that is to display the designs on 2" rounds.  Or if you wanted to be more ambitious, put them on newsprint and hang them on a clothesline in the wind, and have the voters stand 200' away.

    • Andrew Otto
      Sorry, I messed up did not include the reasons for the badges. You are right about the hand under the table and the pizza. The first one celebrates the REAL
      Message 48 of 48 , Nov 3, 2006
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        Sorry, I messed up did not include the reasons for the badges. You are right about the hand under the table and the pizza.
        The first one celebrates the REAL official animal of the area: the Construction Horse (gold (yellow) horse across a black stripe extending into the distance). Yeah, I know, perspective is right out in heraldry.
        Oh, a question to all of the fine heralds out there. How is wind depicted in heraldry?

        suzanearley@... wrote:
        I don't get the first one, but the 'under the table' and the 'pizza on a restaurant table' I dig. :D
        ------------ -- Original message ------------ --
        From: "exit104" <exit104@yahoo. com>

        > OK, here are some tongue firmly in cheek suggestions.
        > Please remeber that I do not have leet Hearldry Skillz. Anything
        > that I could not say in blazon-eese is in parens. Real Hearlds
        > should feel free to laugh, taunt and correct me.
        > So.....
        > Celebrating one of the official animals of the area:
        > Argent, on a pile inverted sable a horse statent or.
        > Celebrating the political ethics of the area:
        > Vert, in pale a table argent a hand fesswise couped or.
        > Celebrating one of our favorite cusines:
        > Chequy guiles and sable a rondel (divided six ways) or (with a) semi
        > of rondels guiles.
        > Angus Fraser
        > -*Angus*-
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