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Fw: [MidrealmArchery] Combat Archery Call to Arms!

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  • Dougal MacAlister
    For your Combat Archery enjoyment...please read the below.  THL Dougal MacAlister, C.G.C. Midlands Regional Archery Marshal ... From: bluecat@neo.rr.com
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 15, 2009
      For your Combat Archery enjoyment...please read the below.
      THL Dougal MacAlister, C.G.C.
      Midlands Regional Archery Marshal

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      Sent: Wednesday, April 15, 2009 6:29:29 PM
      Subject: [MidrealmArchery] Combat Archery Call to Arms!

      Please note. This letter has been sent with the approval of their
      Majesties and their Highnesses of the Middle Kingdom, the Kingdom Earl
      Marshal, and the Deputy Earl Marshal for Combat Archery.
      Thank you!

      Seneschals- Please print out and share this email with your local group,
      Knights Marshal or fighting unit, and with your target archers. Posting
      to your local email or SCA group lists is permitted. For further
      information, a list group at Yahoo, listed as Middle Kingdom Combat
      Archery had been opened. Interested parties should apply to:
      MidrealmCombatArchery-subscribe@yahoogroups.com if they wish to join.
      This is an unofficial list and serves as an information and networking
      point for those interested in doing Combat Archery in the Kingdom. Thank
      you for your kind attention!

      Greetings to all the Noble residents of the Middle Kingdom,

      Our Kingdom wants to recruit Combat Archers for the Pennsic Battlefield
      to engage in combat! Their Most Royal Highnesses Prince Eikbrandr and
      Princess Runa have announced the formation of 'Runas Rangers' to fight
      using Combat Archery under the Queens banner at Pennsic War! As our
      Queen, Runa will stand on the field and fight as a proud symbol of our
      Kingdom's strength and courage. YOU can take the field with her and the
      mighty Army of the Middle Kingdom in the coming war. Newly approved SCA
      Marshals standards for the construction of Combat Archery equipment will
      fully integrate combat archery into heavy combat. The aim of this letter
      is to encourage you to begin to gather or manufacture the necessary
      armor and weapons now, so you can authorize this spring and summer for
      Pennsic War.

      Who can do combat archery?

      ANYONE who wants to shoot Combat Archery may request a sponsorship from
      a member of the Chivalry and learn to become a combat archer. With their
      sponsor, they can come to an event and authorize where combat archery is
      going on. Target Archers are particularly encouraged to obtain a
      sponsorship and become Combat Archers. You can be authorized using
      borrowed armor and borrowed combat archery equipment that will pass a
      heavy combat /combat archery Marshals inspection. Any currently
      authorized combat fighter can obtain a Combat Archery Authorization by
      going to an event and authorizing with a combat archery bow and arrows.
      These authorizations can occur at any event if the equipment and
      Marshals are there but will be available in the May, June, and early
      July events prior to Pennsic War. Baron Wars, Northern Oaken War
      Maneuvers and others will have Combat Archery and Siege Engine

      Be aware that this is a combat activity and you must sign and file a
      combat waiver with the SCA to participate. Under Middle Kingdom Law VII-
      104: Only persons who are current members of the Society for Creative
      Anachronism, Inc. are authorized or are allowed to be authorized to
      participate in combat activities within the Middle Kingdom. Please be
      sure to refer to The Pale for official changes, and get further
      information at http://www.havenholde.net/35footspear/ as it occurs.

      What are the equipment requirements?
      Armor- Minimum SCA Fighting armor- as per Middle Kingdom standards- is
      the same armor requirement for Combat Archers. Combat archers may wear
      half gauntlets on their hands to make it easier to use the bow and arrows.

      Where do I get the equipment?
      There are a variety of ways to get the necessary equipment to be a
      combat archer. Borrowing spare armor and Combat Archery equipment from
      fighters IS ALLOWED. Remember- all armor, bows, and arrows must meet the
      required safety standards and pass a regular heavy combat inspection. If
      you intend to purchase bows and combat archery gear here are some places
      to contact. These are certainly not the only sources, and their mention
      does not stand as an endorsement – but they are provided for
      informational purposes.

      Hand Bows (longbows, recurves, fiberglass etc.) - The hand bow you use
      MUST be made for a 28 inch draw length. (see the standards) Any suitable
      28 inch draw hand bow of sufficient pull weight will do, but it must
      pass an inspection for safety. Recommended power is 35 to 50 pounds at a
      28 inch draw length. Forester Greybarr of Wayne runs Greybarr
      Traditional Archery and can supply handbows- Call (440) 293-4564 - or
      Email: greybarr@.... An Inner Nature brand take down style
      bow is not expensive and will work very well for Combat Archery. If you
      must order a bow, it is strongly suggested that you place an order as
      soon as possible because if not in stock it takes time to get a bow

      Crossbows- There is a variety of combat crossbow makers. Here are some,
      there are many more:

      The recommended crossbow strength should be no less than 600 inch pounds
      and not more than 1000 inch pounds drawn. Roughly- a 50 pound prod is
      good, but please consult with the crossbow maker. Again, it is advisable
      to place an order for building a combat crossbow as soon as possible if
      they are not available already made.

      Arrow Shafts- The Middle Kingdom uses ‘Siloflex’ – 100 psi 1.25 diameter
      water pipe shafts for both handbows and crossbows. ONLY 100 psi 1.25
      diameter water pipe ( or equivalent) is acceptable. Hand bow arrows must
      be 28 inches long. Crossbow bolts vary by the length of the stock. The
      crossbow bolt must be made of 100 psi 1.25 diameter water pipe or
      equivalent. It is best if you buy straight ( not coiled ) pipe. If you
      contact a plumbing supplier to buy siloflex, what you need to ask for
      is: 1 Inch, 100# PSI, IDR-15 and confirm that it is made of PE 3608.
      Have it cut to 60 inches. Note- Golf tube arrow shafts are no longer
      allowed in the SCA.

      Blunts- These are constructed to the SCA/ Kingdom standards. The best
      information, examples and instructions will be found at:
      http://www.havenholde.net/35footspear/ This site has the weapons
      standards and clear pictures and instructions on how to build correct
      combat arrows. Rubber stopper arrows and Baldar blunts on Siloflex are
      acceptable. Tennis balls heads are no longer allowed in the Middle
      Kingdom, but if on Siloflex shafts they are acceptable out of Kingdom.

      Combat Arrows are cheaper to manufacture at home than they are to buy.
      It is advisable to buy combat arrow supplies in bulk to lower the cost.
      Supplies and kits available at:

      How many arrows should I make?
      If you can, you should try to make 50 arrows for a handbow and a
      shoulder strap sack quiver to carry them. If you use a crossbow, try to
      make 100 bolts and a shoulder strap sack quiver to carry them. Please be
      sure you make them to the SCA/ Middle Kingdom standards. Be sure to make
      a quiver for your ammunition. A simple sack quiver can be made by
      purchasing a one dollar green cloth shopping bag sold at Joann Fabrics,
      (turn it inside out to hide the logo, and keep the plastic bottom for
      support) and a yard or two of webbing to sew onto it so it can be worn
      over your shoulder as a bag. Be aware that the Middle Kingdom does not
      use fiberglass shafts although other Kingdoms do. You can make Combat
      Archery fiberglass arrows for use at the Pennsic War. The SCA standards
      for construction of fiberglass arrows are in the Society Marshals
      handbook at: http://www.sca.org/officers/marshal/docs/marshal_handbook.pdf
      Please note- Be sure you understand the construction methods and
      inspection requirements for the type of arrows or equipment you have
      built, as well as the correct rules of engagement.

      How should I train to use the gear?
      Ask your local member of the Chivalry, Marshal or a fighter who is
      authorized in Combat Archery. Combat Archers should be taught to target
      opponents like Spearmen. The best possible training is at fighter
      practice or at events, but you can also practice combat archery at
      static targets in your own yard. A suitable human torso target as used
      in rifle shooting would also serve if attached to some form of backer
      made of foam board or layers of cardboard. To train for accuracy, shoot
      while wearing half gauntlets or hockey gloves at 10 yards to 20 yards
      and hit the from the center of the body to the head consistently.

      How do I get more information?
      There are numerous sites and list groups. Legio Draconis has a great
      deal of information on the subject. To help Combat Archers throughout
      the Middle Kingdom, a new group on Yahoo listed as Middle Kingdom Combat
      Archery can be accessed by subscribing at:
      MidrealmCombatArchery-subscribe@yahoogroups.com Message postings can be
      made at: MidrealmCombatArchery@yahoogroups.com
      This list is not an official list of the Middle Kingdom or the SCA Inc.

      The Middle Kingdom has a very proud tradition of being one of the best
      standing fighting forces in SCA combat. The added dimension and tactical
      advantages of Combat Archery will only add to the strength and
      capability of our forces. Their Royal Highnesses Eikbrandr and Runa want
      YOU to come to the field at Pennsic 38 and share in this great tradition
      in a spirit of competition and camaraderie.

      Draco Invictus!

      THL Dirk Edward of Frisia
      Captain of Combat Archery
      Middle Kingdom Army

    • Fern
      Dear Aryeton, For those who are interested in combat archery and/ or siege engines at Pennsic, there is a fast-track authorization program, if you are
      Message 2 of 2 , Apr 18, 2009
        Dear Aryeton,

        For those who are interested in combat archery and/ or siege engines at Pennsic, there is a fast-track authorization program, if you are sponsored and trained by a member of the Chivalry.

        I am willing to train and sponsor people, but this will require some organization and scheduling on both our parts, because there aren't so many weeks before Pennsic.

        The important training, in my mind, is to teach people how to deal with the armored fighters and what the armored fighters are expecting. For this purpose, it's best to attend fighting practice. Anyone who wants my sponsorship will need to do some training directly with me.

        I typically attend the Sunday fighting practice at Gray Gargoyles. I will *not* be at practice
        tomorrrow, April 19, due to a recorder concert, but I have reserved the following Sundays for practice:

        April 26
        May 10
        May 31
        June 21
        June 28
        July To Be Determined.

        I'm sorry that I can't commit to more practices. I will be at Border Skirmish, and I think that Simple Day is the last day for authorizing for Pennsic.

        If you can make some of the above practices, that will be fine. If those days are bad for you, email me and we'll see what else we can do. Weeknight practices might be possible--I will also ask Sir Guerric and Sir Kilian if their schedules allow them to help.

        Thank you for your attention. I look forward to a big and strong Midlands army!

        in service,

        Sir Fern

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