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Re: [Ayreton] Impromptu Fighter/Archery Practice at Glenbrook North High School Wednesday, April 15th

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  • Eoghan O'Siodhachain
    I might be a little late, but I think I ll bring my heavy kit.
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 15, 2009
      I might be a little late, but I think I'll bring my heavy kit.

      On Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 1:50 PM, thomas penyngton <tedr@...> wrote:

      I think I'll be there tonight, though maybe a little late. I hope
      there's other armoured fighters to fight with...

      thomas p

      Tedesco da Venezia wrote:
      > Because a lot of us are itching to get behind a sword or shoot, we're
      > having an impromptu fighter and archery practice tomorrow at the
      > school, starting at 6pm.
      > This practice will be outside, with minimal access to the building.
      > (There's basketball tryouts and other athletic events going on, so no
      > roaming the halls with weapons!) These fields do have good lighting,
      > but practice may end early depending on how cold we get.
      > When coming into the parking lot we normally park in, please go
      > straight past the tennis courts instead of turning left before them,
      > and park at the very far end of the lot past the courts. You will be
      > parking near the gate that leads to the stadium and the softball
      > fields' dugouts. We're not sure exactly where we will be practicing,
      > but we should be somewhere in that area.
      > For more detailed maps and directions to get to the school, see
      > http://thieves.ayreton.org/
      > Thank you
      > ~Tedesco da Venezia~

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