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  • David Valenta
    For anyone interested ... From: Kevin Williams Subject: SCA Inquiry To: dvalenta@ameritech.net Date: Monday, April 6, 2009, 10:05
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      For anyone interested

      --- On Mon, 4/6/09, Kevin Williams <kevinw@...> wrote:
      From: Kevin Williams <kevinw@...>
      Subject: SCA Inquiry
      To: dvalenta@...
      Date: Monday, April 6, 2009, 10:05 AM



      I was wondering if you could post this message on your group message board.  We had the delightful opportunity to work with the local SCA at the January Roman Masque event, and I want to expand our relationship with the SCA in the Chicago area.


      Hello to everyone!  We are having a meeting Saturday April 18th around 5:00ish.  I want to extend an invitation to all local SCA members with an interest in Roman Legionary Reenactment.  We are looking for anyone with a passion for ancient history, and for doing living history presentations and displays.  We represent Legio Decima (Legion Ten) during the Roman Civil wars of the Late Roman Republic, the Tenth having been the most renowned legion of the Late Republican era.  For information on our group you can also check out our website at www.romechicago.com .  There are no membership dues or fees, we only ask that you strive for historical authenticity in your impression and be over 18 years old.  We do not typically have combat involved with our living history displays, however a small amount is done during drilling and practice, as well as at a few events throughout the year.  This is an exciting time to join Roman Reenactment as 2009 is the 2000th anniversary of the Battle of the Teutoberger Wald in which 3 legions were whipped out by german tribesmen, and there are a number of large events around the country this year in german communities celebrating this victory.  If you are interested in joining as a legionary, civilian, auxiliary, “barbarian”, ect. please either e-mail me at kev.kmw@..., or call me at 630-297-3574.  We hope to work with the SCA on future events as well since most SCA personas could easily be used as gallic or german allies/enemies.


      Let me know if this is possible to post, or if you know of anyone in your group who might be interested!


      Kevin Williams

      Leg X Fre/Equ

      Rome Chicago


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