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  • ameliedanjou
    Well, as Cerian noted, I haven t been to meetings either, so mayhap my vote shouldn t count, but I could bike to Molly Malone s, and I ve always wanted an
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 8, 2009
      Well, as Cerian noted, I haven't been to meetings either, so mayhap my vote shouldn't count, but I could bike to Molly Malone's, and I've always wanted an excuse to go there...

    • Thomas Hughes
      AYRETON BARONIAL CHARTER MEETING MARCH 8, 2009 Attendees The following citizens of the Barony of Ayreton attended and participated in the Baronial Charter
      Message 2 of 3 , Mar 9, 2009


        MARCH 8, 2009




        The following citizens of the Barony of Ayreton attended and participated in the Baronial Charter meeting held on Sunday, March 8, 2009 at Patrick’s Fine Food and Spirits in the Incipient Canton of Fox Vale. 


        Modern Name

        SCA Name

        Local Group

        Stephen Des Roches

        Etienne le Canteau des Roches

        Gray Gargoyles

        Harlie Des Roches

        Sarafina Sinclair

        Gray Gargoyles

        Jim Sherrod

        Ansel Claybourne

        Fox Vale

        Bernal Schooley

        Richard of Scolay

        Fox Vale

        Aggie Powell-Berger

        Hillary of Logerbrode

        Fox Vale

        Jason Tooley


        Fox Vale

        Sandra Tooley


        Fox Vale

        Kate  Bercan

        Bojei Temur

        Fox Vale

        Tom Hughes

        Sean o’Shaughnessy

        Vanished Wood

        Craig Shupee

        Phillip White

        Tree Girt Sea

        Susan Earley



        Jeff Berger

        Gareth Ostwestly

        Fox Vale

        Mandy Lemie

        Francesca Del Mar

        Fov Vale

        Hal Link


        Tree Girt Sea

        Julia Needleman


        Tree Girt Sea

        Tim Dina


        Vanished Wood


        Purpose of the meeting was to develop text for the Organization Section of the Baronial Charter based on in put received during the previous five months.  Master Sean o’Shaughnessy presided over this meeting for Robyyan who was out of town on company business.  Results of the breakout groups used to develop the text are presented below.


        Respectfully submitted,



        Sean o’Shaughnessy



        VERSION 1

        MARCH 8, 2009




        Whereas the purpose of a Barony is to provide new opportunities for fun in the SCA and to create new traditions, let it be known that the Barony of Aryeton claims no jurisdiction over the internal activities of the Cantons, specifically the activities involving Canton events, officers, and financial decisions.  The Barony of Aryeton will respect and honor the traditions and customs of the Cantons. All participation in the Baronial activities is strictly voluntary and cooperative.


        1. Organization

          1. Proxy voting

            Officers and Citizens of the Barony of Ayreton wishing to vote on issues when they cannot physically attend meetings may provide written proxies to specific individuals covering specific topics.  These proxies must be in writing; however, a copy of a written electronic communication is acceptable.  Members may also attend the meetings electronically, e.g., via telephone or videoconferencing if the member makes the appropriate arrangement at their own expense.

          2. Guilds

            The Barony of Ayreton supports its artisans in all their endeavors. To that end, we encourage the formation of Guilds.  To use the name “Ayreton” in conjunction with the any Guilds, approval by the Ayreton Baronial Curia is required.

          3. Decision making

            The Ayreton Baronial Curia shall be responsible for all decisions made for the barony of Ayreton.  The Ayreton Baronial Curia shall consist of the following offices:

                                                                      i.      Baron

                                                                    ii.      Baroness

                                                                  iii.      Seneschal

                                                                  iv.      Exchequer

                                                                    v.      Pursuivant

                                                                  vi.      Minister of Art & Sciences

                                                                vii.      Knight’s Marshall

                                                              viii.            Chronicler

        Lesser baronial offices are not members of the Baronial Curia.  The Baronial Curia may add additional Curia or Lesser Baronial offices as needed and determine whether they are to be added to the Baronial Curia or added as lesser Baronial offices.

        A quorum of the curia shall consist of 75% of the Baronial Curia officers.  Each officer of the Baronial Curia gets one vote for all decisions made.  All decisions must be made by a substantial agreement of the members of the baronial curia, meaning 75% of the baronial curia officers.  When a substantial agreement of the baronial curia does not exist, the baronial curia may defer the decision to a vote of the populace. The decision must then be agreed to by a substantial agreement of the populace, meaning 75% of the voting populace.  When the number of votes required is based on a percentage, the actual number will be rounded down to the nearest whole percentage.  Any decisions regarding funding must follow the rules of the final policy decision making process.

          1. Precedence of law


        The precedence of law within the Barony of Ayreton shall follow the order of precedence as shown below in decreasing order of precedence:

                                                                      i.      Modern Era Law

                                                                    ii.      SCA Corpora

                                                                  iii.      SCA Corporate Policies

                                                                  iv.      Middle Kingdom Law

                                                                    v.      Barony of Aryeton Baronial Charter

          1. Meetings

        Baronial Curia meetings shall follow an agenda as established by the Baronial Seneschal.  The Baronial Seneschal, or his/her designee, shall run meetings of the Baronial Curia.

                                                                      i.      The Baronial Populace shall meet at least quarterly.  The Baron and/or Baroness will lead the Baronial Populace meeting.

                                                                    ii.      The Baronial Curia shall meet at least monthly.  The Baronial Seneschal, or his/her designee, will lead this meeting.


          1. Amendments/changes

                                                                      i.      The Ayreton Baronial Charter shall be reviewed no less often than every two years in a standard Baronial Curia meeting.

                                                                    ii.      All proposed changes must be published for comment at least once in the normal communication channels and be discussed at a Baronial Curia meeting being approved.

                                                                  iii.      Approval of changes to the charter shall follow the decision making process provided above in this Ayreton Baronial Charter.

          1. Events

        Baronial Events will be approved by the Baronial Curia.  Events will be announced to give all citizens of Ayreton the opportunity to submit bids to run the events.  Bids shall include the proposed date, location, autocrat, feast-o-crat (head cook), and budget.


        h.      Membership

        People who are part of the Barony of Ayreton will be referred to as citizens regardless of their membership status in the Society for Creative Anachronism and without regard to their place of residence or Zip Code.

                                                                      i.      Privileges of Citizenship in Ayreton include, but are not limited to, participation in the decision making process for the Barony, holding office, and wearing the Baronial Livery.

                                                                    ii.       Citizens of the Barony of Ayreton are expected to support the Barony by participating in Baronial activities but there are no specific requirements.

        1. Ceremony:
          1. Awards
          2. Champions
          3. Ceremonies
          4. Regalia
          5. Heraldry
          6. Investiture

        1. Officers
          1. Terms of office
          2. Offices
          3. Selection
          4. Baronial transition (ongoing, not this first time!)
          5. Expectations
        1. Internal Operation:
          1. Canton <-> barony interactions and jurisdiction
          2. Adding & subtraction of cantons
        1. Money:
          1. See financial policy (have you read it and returned comments to Ghita yet?)
        1. Just In Case
          1. Problem solving
          2. Grievance procedures


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