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RE: [Ayreton] [CHARTER] Notes from meeting 2009-02-08

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  • Thomas Hughes
    The meeting is open to all Ayreton citizens, not just the charter committee. Sean o Shaughnessy From: Ayreton@yahoogroups.com [mailto:Ayreton@yahoogroups.com]
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 8, 2009

      The meeting is open to all Ayreton citizens, not just the charter committee.


      Sean o’Shaughnessy


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      Is the 4:00pm charter meeting an open meeting for anyone interested or is it intended to be only for a set committee of individuals?




      On Thu, Mar 5, 2009 at 12:36 PM, Thomas Hughes <thomashughes06@...> wrote:

      To Ayreton Charter Committee,


      Robyyan has asked that I run the Ayreton Charter Committee meeting this Sunday while he is in Israel on business.  Topic for this meeting is to draft text for the decisions made to date on the Baronial Charter.  I have compiled those decisions into the attached Draft Charter – Barony of Ayreton document.  Please review the attachment before Sunday’s meeting.  Please bring a hard copy of the five page attachment with you so that we can break into small groups to craft text for the charter.  


      The meeting is being held in Foxvale at 4:00 PM before the Baronial business meeting at:


      Patrick's Fine Food & Spirits
      1941 West Galena Boulevard

      Aurora, IL 60506

      phone. (630)892-6650


      Thanks in advance.


      Sean o’Shaughnessy

      My cell phone: 630-418-8774



      From: Ayreton@yahoogroups.com [mailto:Ayreton@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Robyyan Torr d'Elandris
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      Subject: [Ayreton] [CHARTER] Notes from meeting 2009-02-08


      Ayreton Charter Committee
      2009-02-08 Meeting

      Robyyan (Dennis Sherman)(T)
      Twm ap Twm (Tim Dinan) (V)
      Aethelwulf of Dover (Thomas Scrip) (T)
      Nadezda Zezatriel (Merril
      Philip White (Craig Shupee)(T)
      Fern de la Foret (Laurie Erickson)
      Sean o'Shaughnessy (Tom Hughes)(V)
      Hillary of Langeforde
      (Aggie Berger) (F)
      Henry of Exeter (Terry Doner)(R)
      Sinclair (Harlie DesRoches) (GG)
      Etienne des Roches (Steve

      (F = Foxvale, G = Grey Gargoyles, R =
      Rokkehealden, T = Tree-Girt-Sea, V = Vanished Wood)

      We started with reviewing the agenda.
      We had no correspondence received, so moved right along with
      reviewing and approving the notes from the previous meeting.

      Fern proposed a “Bill of Rights”:
      Whereas the
      purpose of a Barony is to provide new opportunities for fun in the
      SCA and to create new traditions, let it be known that the Barony of
      Aryeton claims no jurisdiction over the internal activities of the
      Cantons, specifically the activities involving Canton events,
      officers, and exchequer decisions.

      The Barony of Aryeton will
      respect and honor the traditions and customs of the Cantons. All
      participation in the Baronial activities is strictly voluntary and
      We agreed that should be a part of the
      charter, and recognized as an underlying principle.

      We revisited the MEMBERSHIP topic from
      a previous meeting. The goal was to identify the privileges and
      responsibilities of participants in the barony of Ayreton that should
      be identified as separate from the considerations of membership in
      the SCA, Inc. We considered a long list of candidate privileges:
      holding office, claiming the barony as home, wearing baronial livery,
      sharing accolades, serving at events, having a larger play group,
      participating in decision making, using the baronial name and
      “stuff”, camping together, receiving baronial awards, holding
      ceremonial positions, and playing together. We decided that the
      Charter should include the following as privileges of people who are a part
      of the barony:
      * participation in decision making
      * holding office
      * wearing baronial livery
      We also considered the responsibilities
      of participants in the barony of Ayreton, what the Charter should
      address as the things one must do to be considered an active
      participant. Again, we considered a long list of candidates:
      participate in decision making, make award recommendations, support
      the barony, volunteering, showing up to stuff, helping other
      participants, say they are a part of the barony, take care of
      baronial stuff, be positive, and none required. We eventually
      decided that the Charter should suggest that people are expected to
      support the barony by participating in activities, but there should
      be no other requirements in the charter.

      And we agreed that people who are a
      part of the Barony should be referred to as citizens, regardless of
      their membership status with the SCA, Inc., and regardless of their
      actual zip code of residence.

      We revisited the DECISION MAKING topic,
      to answer questions deferred from the previous meeting. We agreed
      that the officers previously listed (see last meeting's notes) are to
      be referred to in group as the Baronial Curia. The Baronial Curia
      will make decisions for the barony. When they are not in substantial
      agreement, meaning 75% of the votes cast in favor of a measure, they
      shall consult the populace of the barony. The means of consultation
      will be left to the Baronial Curia to decide each time a consultation
      is needed, as circumstances are likely to differ, requiring different

      On the question of the number of votes
      for Baron/ess, we agreed “one person, one vote”, meaning that if
      we have a single person as Baron or Baroness, they have one vote, but
      if we have both Baron and Baroness, they each get a vote.

      We then opened the topic of GUILDS.
      While we seemed to be in general agreement that guilds are a good
      thing and we should support them, we had great difficulty agreeing on
      whether they need to be addressed in the charter, and if so, in what
      way. We've decided for the moment that the charter will be silent on
      the topic of guilds. We may defer to the Baronial Curia any
      decisions to be made about guilds.

      We discussed the topic of what the
      Charter needs to say about EVENTS. We agreed that all it really
      needs to say is that baronial events must be approved by the Baronial

      We then discussed how the Charter may
      be AMENDED or CHANGED after it is first completed. We agreed that
      the Baronial Curia may change the Charter, following normal decision
      making practices, except that any change under consideration must be
      published to the populace for a commenting period. The commenting
      period must be at least 30 days, and include at least one populace
      meeting in that time period.

      That ends the first major grouping of
      topics (Organization) identified at our first meeting as belonging in
      the Charter. At the next meeting of the committee, a draft of these
      parts of the Charter will be developed. Serafina and Sean have
      volunteered to come to that meeting with drafts for the group to work

      Next Meeting: 2009-03-08 in Foxvale,
      site same as Ayreton meeting. Sean has volunteered to moderate this
      meeting, as Robyyan will not be there. The plan for that meeting is
      to draft text for all of the decisions made to date, which include
      all of the original “Organization” topics.

      Robyyan Torr d'Elandris (Dennis R. Sherman)
      Tree-Girt-Sea, Midrealm (Chicago, IL USA)



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