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RE: [Ayreton] Thank you for Capricon

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  • Thomas Hughes
    Thanks, Hillary. The Boy Scout demo was attended by: Dame Nicholaa, Anna, Gavin and Katherine provided emcee support. Acelina marshaled youth combat. Kinji,
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 22, 2009

      Thanks, Hillary.


      The Boy Scout demo was attended by:


      Dame Nicholaa, Anna, Gavin and Katherine provided emcee support. 


      Acelina marshaled youth combat.


      Kinji, ZhouMei, Gryphyn, Gamel and Magdelena all participated as youth combatants.


      Elias the Brute, Sir Guerric and Sean put on a heavy combat demo.


      It was indeed a busy day for demos.




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      Subject: [Ayreton] Thank you for Capricon


      For those people who offered their time and talents at yesterday's Capricon demo I cannot thank you enough. 


       With a little over a weeks notice these gentles pulled together an organized demo focused on recruitment to a group that may have people who are already SCA at heart.


      It is with much gratitude and respect that I thank the following people:


      Mistress Acelina, Dame Nicholaa Halden, Sir Guerric, and Master Sean for not only participating in the demo but they truly were cheerleaders and organizers.  Their words of encouragement brought others to the demo, making it even richer.


      They heralded, fought, organized and shared of themselves.


      Sarah and Kinji demonstrated that chivalry, honor and skill may be mastered by the young in their youth combat portion of the demo.


      Master Alexander shared good demo ideas from Ravenslake that added to our demo making it all the more well-rounded while simultaneously fighting, fencing and assisting with youth combat. 


      Maestra Gwenhwyvar Nocturnal, The Honorable Lady Elaine Ladd, and the Honorable Lady Joceyln of Lutterworth explained scribal arts, pottery and other areas that they have explored and dedicated so much time and energy into sharing with other gentles in our lands.


      Lady Callcach, Lord Elais the Brute,  Lady Marie and Lord Malkin, who fought bravely, well and amused many with their wit and obvious joy in sharing their skills.


      Lady Margrett, Baroness Winefred from Carraig Ban, Lord Xavier, Lady Marina and Lord Roland Flashheart, many of whom were working Capricon as volunteers and gave what little free time they could talking to our "audience", being color and sharing the joy we find in our hobby.


      Baroness Julienne la Follette and THL Twm ap Twm, get a special thanks for helping organize the demo from the Capricon perspective, for checking on rooms, herding people and handling many items at once.....and Julliene for doing all this in garb.


      You are all my "hero."  Thank you from the bottom of my chatelaine heart. 


      I know that Guerric, Acelina, Nicholaa, Sean and their families continued their efforts with the boy scout demo later in the evening.


      Without these people and those who have worked demos in the past we wouldn't continue to grow.


      On a personal note anyone who attended the demo yesterday would like to email  me their views on what worked, what didn't and what could we improve next year, it would be appreciated.






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