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Midrealm XL Celebration--February updates and advance planning

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  • Fern de la Foret
    Dear Aryeton Folk,   Here are some updates to keep everyone informed about the Midrealm XL Year Celebration. Date: Saturday, October 3rd, 2009 Location:
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 18, 2009

      Dear Aryeton Folk,
      Here are some updates to keep everyone informed about the Midrealm XL Year Celebration.

      Date: Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

      Location: University of Chicago campus, Ida Noyes Hall


      First of all, people are excited all over the Kingdom and we are getting outside volunteers and ideas. We’re going to have a lot of fun – I can tell already!

      An important Kingdom event like this should be as inclusive as possible. In the best of all possible worlds, groups from across the Kingdom will want to be involved in this event and to help Ayreton. We want to bring in many volunteers from the Kingdom at large, while also taking advantage of our local talent. Because of help from the visitors, our work will be shared and we can focus on being outstanding hosts!

      I’d like you to know what we’ve been planning, where we need help now, and some details for ideas we’ve already had. As you will see, there are lots of cool possibilities for this event. How about we make do all we can to make it a great time!


      If you are interested in any/ some of these activities, please email me at fern1445-fern01@... or reply directly to the list, if you prefer.


      What we are planning:


      • A celebration of the History and Legends of the Midrealm

        • Emphasis on our shared culture and the continuity of our customs and traditions

        • Activities focused on interactions between experienced members and fresh faces, sharing the stories and legends of the Midrealm culture, and creating new memories.

      • Event activities celebrating each of the decades, roughly corresponding to the dates when we joined the SCA ,and encouraging interaction between them:

        • 1st Decade: 1969-1979

        • 2nd Decade: 1979-1989

        • 3rd Decade: 1989-1999

        • 4th Decade: 1999-2009

      • Event activities divided into two types: “local” and “portable”

        • Local activities are best organized by local people; for example, putting up direction signs, arranging crash space, writing the list of local restaurants.

        • Portable activities can be organized somewhere else and brought to the site; for example, arts competitions, list table paperwork, peerage meetings.

        • Portable activity will still need a local Liaison to help them. The Liaison will communicate ahead of time with the visitor, helping the visitor with site information and facilities, city information, accommodations, and other needs as appropriate for each activity. In some cases, the Liaison might be able to borrow local equipment or find local volunteers for particular purposes.


      What we are looking for now:


      • Volunteers to be local Liaisons for the various portable activities. We are looking for general expressions of interest. We’ll work with you later after the portable activities have been more finalized. This will help us direct local talent to the best areas. There are already some fine volunteers, from the last Aryeton meetings, but there's always room for more!

      • Volunteers from groups outside Ayreton are encouraged – “local” just means someone familiar with the site, city, people, resources etc.

      • Various “local” and “portable” activities we’d like to hear about:

        • Tournaments: Heavy, Light, Youth, Baronial Challenge

        • Food: Kitchens, Taverns.

        • Displays: Historical displays, Arts displays, Decorations

        • Merchants

        • Royalty, Visiting Royalty

        • Security

        • Publicity: Websites, Flyers, Letters to other Kingdoms

        • Parking

        • Classes: Reunions, Midrealm history, Midrealm culture.


      Details of these activities are below:

      Class Ideas (suggested teacher/ organizer):

      ·        Newcomers Welcome to the SCA (Royal Peer plus Aryeton Chatelaine)

      ·        Dancing with a New Partner/ dances where we change partners

      ·        Songs of the SCA (Calontir sing-along?)

      ·        Stories of the Pennsic Wars/ "No Sh..., there we were.."

      ·        History of the Great Dark Horde

      ·        First Garb Fashion Show

      ·        Constitutional History of the Midrealm/ All Those Strange Laws have a Story Behind Them.


      Display Ideas:

      • The Great Booke of the Midrealm (Mistress Siobhan O'Rourke from Andelcrag)

      • Evolution of SCA armor

      • Laurel Masterpiece Theatre and the first attempts at same

      • Historic T Shirts of the SCA

      • Midrealm Award Scrolls and Regalia through the Ages (Master Johannes Von Narrenstein from Mynydd Seren)

      • Royal Regalia of Four Kingdoms

      • Wall of Remembrance/ Absent Friends

      • Maps of the Known World

      • Genealogy Lists of Royalty/ Chivalry/ Laurels/ Pelicans

      • Baronial and Kingdom Banners


      Generation Mixer Activities:

      • Historical Displays: the Great Booke of the Midrealm; early pictures of the Midrealm; written histories from different sources, ancient artifacts.

      • Baronial themes, for example, a Challenge Tourney for Baronial Champions. Pageants?

      • Reunion themes: Reunions with Friends, Chivalry, Laurels, Pelicans, Calontiri, Northshielders, , Pennsic veterans, Horde, others.

      • Sing-along "Songs of the SCA". Examples: Moonwulf's songs, Cerian's This Song is from Calontir, Born on the Listfield, The Year I Joined the SCA, etc.

      • Bardic Circle : Best stories of the SCA.."No s..., there we were..."

      • Arts Display: Pairs of entries: Oldest and Newest.  "My first scroll, and my newest scroll".

      • Sunday activities can include a regional fighting practice at Ida Noyes, as well as other meetings, classes, socializing.


      Individual Generation Celebration Activities:

      • Youth Tourney

      • Novice Tourney/ 4th Decade Tourney (both heavy and light fighters)



      • Heraldic banners!

      • If possible, we could make banners of the arms of each of daughter kingdoms, as gifts for their Royalty to take home. Volunteers are needed!

      • We are considering other banners as gifts for the Midrealm baronies.

      • We already have the outside banner of a red pale on white field, which fits between the third-floor balcony and to the first-floor entrance. For this event, the banner will be further embellished with a crown and the roman numerals "XL".


      Feast/ Taverns:

      • Instead of the usual sit-down feast, we can take advantage of the site’s multiple, though small, kitchens to set up a number of different taverns.

      • There are three kitchens, each approximately the size of a home kitchen. One stove, one refrigerator, one sink.

      • We can invite outside groups to submit a proposal for their tavern, with menu, approximate cost and supplies. Each tavern can offer a different menu and will be managed according to each tavern’s budget.

      • Interested groups should submit a proposal to Fern, including menu, approximate pricing, personnel, and equipment needed.

      • Benefits:

        • We’ll get to use the skill of many different groups

        • The taverns can serve food all day long, meaning that people can eat when they want to, and that food can be prepared at easy intervals.

        • Taverns will work off of their own individual budgets, and the profits belong to themselves.

        • Each tavern can choose whether to be open the full day, or just a half-day, allowing them some free time at the event.

      Doesn't this sound like fun? There are some really special things that can be done at this kind of event. I think the best part will be meeting and hearing stories from the famous people of the Midrealm, and I plan to work very hard to encourage all the other 1st Decade people to come!

      Thank you for reading to the end of the very long message. I got sort of enthusiastic when I started writing!



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